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 Millennia 2015 at the EU PARADISO "ICT for a global sustainable future"





Paradiso - EU ICT 

ICT for a Global Sustainable Future

How can ICT durably contribute to the wellbeing of all citizens around the world?

International Conference, January 22-23, 2009, European Commission - Brussels

Today's societies are facing increasingly complex issues, unprecedented in the history of mankind, and serious risks of breakdowns are in sight, as far as environmental, economic and social issues are concerned. In order to avoid major worldwide crises, industrial, emerging and developing countries will need to agree, sooner or later, on an alternative way forward, based on a true sustainable development, a more sustainable economic growth, more equally shared resources. What is at stake is durable innovation paths for companies and, ultimately, the wellbeing of all citizens of the world to be measured by new indexes going “beyond GDP”.


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) will play a central role in this future, not only because ICT have become in just two decades a key driver of the development of all countries worldwide, but also because ICT can efficiently contribute to the achievement of the revised economic, social and environmental objectives which this future envisages. Moreover, Europe is undoubtedly well placed to proactively promote this new concept of progress towards a true sustainable future.

In this context, the “ICT for a global sustainable future” conference is organised, with the support of the PARADISO project, on January 22-23, 2009 at the European Commission in Brussels (Charlemagne building, 170 rue de la Loi).


The event officially takes place under the aegis of the European Commission and takes advantage of the support of many leading organizations: the OECD, UNESCO, ITU, the Club of Rome (European Support Center), the World Future Council, and the Forum for the Future.


The event will give the opportunity to participants to thoroughly understand and discuss what is at stake and which research areas can be usefully explored in the short and in the longer terms so that appropriate infrastructures, applications and services, based on Information and Communication Technologies, can be available tomorrow for the citizens of the world.


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The conference did include a presentation of Millennia 2015 by Marie-Anne Delahaut, in the session "Feedback from the PARADISO open consultation



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