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 Millennia 2015 at the EU "ICT 2008, "I"s to the Future"


 ICT 2008 Lyon

Millennia 2015 

Empowering women as architects of the future in the face of global challenges


The session will outline the Millennia 2015 project conducted by the Destree Institute, which explores equality issues and the empowerment of women in the face of global challenges.

A portal and flagship tri-annual events in Liege (already held in March), Paris (2011, covering work on knowledge processes) and New York (2015, covering construction of intelligent platforms) will thrust Millennia 2015 onto the world stage.


Among the specific ICT-related issues the project will address are: women and the governance of the Internet; education, research, training and e-learning; ageing well; science and technology benefiting women; and what role women will play in the transition to a knowledge society and as ‘architects of the future'.


European Commission "ICT 2008, "I"s to the Future, Invention - Innovation - Impact"

Lyon (FR), 26/27.11.2008



Agenda of the networking session 


Marie-Anne Delahaut

- Director of research at The Destree Institute, European Research Centre;
- Head of Millennia 2015;
- President of the Internet Society Belgium-Wallonia Chapter;
- Member of the Board of the WFUNA Millennium Project's Brussels Area Node;
- Member of the Board of the Women of Wallonia Synergy;
Namur, Wallonia, Belgium -




=> Millennia 2015: Join the network of Women actors of development for the global challenges - The foresight research process of Millennia 2015;


=> Actions proposed by the Millennia 2015's worldwide Community to the ICT 2008;


=> Developments to improve the status of women: participate in the "Millennia 2015" global expert study (WFUNA Millennium Project);




Nancy Pascall

- Gender Policy Officer at European Commission, DG INFSO, Directorate C: Lisbon Strategy and Policies for the Information Society, C1: Lisbon Strategy and i2010;
- European Commission Project Officer in charge of Millennia 2015 networking session, ICT 2008, Lyon
Brussels, Belgium

- Creative women, the Lisbon Strategy and i2010; 




Eva Fabry

- European Affairs Manager at the Regional Innovation Centre Papirbredden Innovasjon, Norway;
- Director of the European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT);
- Chair of the Global Women and Technology (GWT) Network;
Drammen, Norway
- A single point of contact to Women and Technology in the knowledgebased economy




=> ECWT - The 1st of Ten Regional Centers - Regional Point of Contact




Sophia Huyer

- Executive director, WIGSAT Group, Women, Knowledge, Technology;
- Consultant, Gender Equality, ICT for Development and Poverty Reduction; Gender and S&T for Development;
- Executive Director/Senior Research Advisor, Gender Advisory Board, United Nations Commission on S&T for Development (GAB-UNCSTD);
Brighton, Ontario, Canada



=> Cinderella or Cyberella? Challenges for Women in the Next Millennium "Engendering the Knowledge Society"






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