The 37 variables of Millennia2015 - Analysis and answers to the questionnaires

Les 37 variables de Millennia2015 - Analyses et réponses aux questionnaires



V01 - Women, access to information and to knowledge

V01 - Femmes, accès à l´information et au savoir




Author - Auteur-e : First name - Prénom - Name - Nom



Doina Ana   Plesa





A01 - Definition of the variable - Définition de la variable



Women generally speaking has access to knowledge and information?. I know the answer is "NO". This happens because the men are who have more acces then women



A02 - Retrospective assessment - Constat rétrospectif



Because lack of information and knowledge the women are always "behind" the men form this perspective


A03 - Actual or emerging trends - Tendances actuelles et émergentes



Step by step this will be changed but very slowly



A04 - Uncertainty and discontinuities - Incertitudes et ruptures



The lack of information about "information and knowledge" could stop the process of women´s empowerment




A05 - Possible assumptions of evolution - Hypothèses possibles d´évolution



The women could be independent financial
The women could be self esteem
The women couldn´t be those who have to stay home and care about old people, children, husbands, etc.
The women could have their own life



A06 - Issues - Enjeux


The women could have their own life




A07 - Concretes examples - Exemples concrets



Especially in rural area the women have no jobs and they have to take care the children, old people form his family, husband and home




A08 - Sources - Liens


My own reasearch about "Role of woman in rural areas" 




A08-2 - Corresponding source-variables - Variables-sources associées


Reasearches about gender equality and other sources of information, studies in this domain



A09 - Concern - Intérêt





A10 - Priority for women - Priorité pour les femmes





A11 - Priority for scenarios 2025 - Priorité pour les scénarios 2025




A12 - Women or man - Femme ou homme




A13 - Age group - Tranche d´âge






A14-1 - Home region (State, region, province) - Région d´origne (Etat, région, province)







A14-2 - Area of residence (State, region, province) - Région de résidence (Etat, région, province)


Alba County, Alba Iulia





A15-1 - Representativeness of the analysis - Representativité de l´analyse


my own opinion
our association





A15-2 - Number of persons concerned by this analysis - Nombre de personnes concernées par cette analyse


20-50 and more in my country





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Reference of document 1 - Référence du document 1






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