The 37 variables of Millennia2015 - Analysis and answers to the questionnaires

Les 37 variables de Millennia2015 - Analyses et réponses aux questionnaires



V01 - Women, access to information and to knowledge

V01 - Femmes, accès à l´information et au savoir




Author - Auteur-e : First name - Prénom - Name - Nom



Elizabeth   Florescu





A01 - Definition of the variable - Définition de la variable



Availability of the tools (mainly access to Internet) that would allow women unlimited access to the global knowledge.



A02 - Retrospective assessment - Constat rétrospectif



Women got much more access to self-education, self-employment, searching alternatives to different situations, spending more time with the family (mostly small children) by working from home, improved health for them and their families by finding answers online, improved education for their children, etc.


A03 - Actual or emerging trends - Tendances actuelles et émergentes



Tends to get overwhelming and take up much more time and begins to be counterproductive for family life.



A04 - Uncertainty and discontinuities - Incertitudes et ruptures



It begins to get there, mostly in North America, as self-employed or working from home women tend to work ALL the time and allow less time to family life and leisure, which at some point with backfire on their working efficiency.




A05 - Possible assumptions of evolution - Hypothèses possibles d´évolution



1. increased number of home-schooled children
2. increased number of self-employed women
3. increased number of women working from home
4. women get higher incomes but at the expense of less time of self
5. women participate and influence more in the political and decisionmaking process by being more informed and organizing or participating in petitions and social groups



A06 - Issues - Enjeux


Lose family-time and leisure; gain independence and also family time or leisure if they are able to efficiently coordinate their time allocation




A07 - Concretes examples - Exemples concrets



It influences women´s quality of life itself. Its management is compulsory for a balanced life.




A08 - Sources - Liens


my own opinion 




A08-2 - Corresponding source-variables - Variables-sources associées


IT access



A09 - Concern - Intérêt





A10 - Priority for women - Priorité pour les femmes





A11 - Priority for scenarios 2025 - Priorité pour les scénarios 2025




A12 - Women or man - Femme ou homme




A13 - Age group - Tranche d´âge






A14-1 - Home region (State, region, province) - Région d´origne (Etat, région, province)


Canada, Alberta





A14-2 - Area of residence (State, region, province) - Région de résidence (Etat, région, province)


Alberta, Canada





A15-1 - Representativeness of the analysis - Representativité de l´analyse


my own opinion





A15-2 - Number of persons concerned by this analysis - Nombre de personnes concernées par cette analyse


i don´t know





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