The 37 variables of Millennia2015 - Analysis and answers to the questionnaires

Les 37 variables de Millennia2015 - Analyses et réponses aux questionnaires



V01 - Women, access to information and to knowledge

V01 - Femmes, accès à l´information et au savoir




Author - Auteur-e : First name - Prénom - Name - Nom



Shakeel   Panchoo





A01 - Definition of the variable - Définition de la variable



In Mauritius, access to information and knowledge is accessible to all girls and women since education
and information are free. Education is free from pre-primary to university levels and information is
accessible through radio and television channels, newspapers and public libraries. Hence possibilities
for lifelong learning do exist here. It’s for all girls and women to seize these opportunities.



A02 - Retrospective assessment - Constat rétrospectif



This variable has greatly contributed to the empowerment of women in Mauritius and opened
opportunities for them in the socio-economic sectors for the last 20 yrs or more.


A03 - Actual or emerging trends - Tendances actuelles et émergentes



This variable has enabled many women to occupy key positions today in the business, management
and technical sectors.



A04 - Uncertainty and discontinuities - Incertitudes et ruptures



This variable cannot stop the process of women’s empowerment and their active contribution to
desirable futures in a country like Mauritius.




A05 - Possible assumptions of evolution - Hypothèses possibles d´évolution



This variable will greatly modify the status of women’s empowerment as well as their role in society in
2025. For example
(i) Women are more and more uniting themselves in associations, thus enhancing their solidarity
(ii) Women are becoming more assertive and working hard towards their economic independence.
(iii) Women in Mauritius have reached key positions in many sectors, e.g. the Vice President of the
Republic of Mauritius is a woman. She is the first woman to have occupied such post.
(iv) There is no doubt that in Mauritius many women will greatly contribute towards the overall
economic and social development in 2025.



A06 - Issues - Enjeux


Women have everything to gain from this variable and nothing to lose in a country like Mauritius
where opportunities for advancement exist.




A07 - Concretes examples - Exemples concrets



The percentage of success in examinations at the primary and secondary levels in Mauritius exceeds
that of boys, meaning that girls are benefitting largely from this variable. Moreover women here
are literally fighting to have them represented at the National Assembly by at least 30%.




A08 - Sources - Liens






A08-2 - Corresponding source-variables - Variables-sources associées





A09 - Concern - Intérêt

Not at all




A10 - Priority for women - Priorité pour les femmes

Not at all




A11 - Priority for scenarios 2025 - Priorité pour les scénarios 2025

Not at all 



A12 - Women or man - Femme ou homme




A13 - Age group - Tranche d´âge






A14-1 - Home region (State, region, province) - Région d´origne (Etat, région, province)







A14-2 - Area of residence (State, region, province) - Région de résidence (Etat, région, province)







A15-1 - Representativeness of the analysis - Representativité de l´analyse


my own opinion





A15-2 - Number of persons concerned by this analysis - Nombre de personnes concernées par cette analyse







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Reference of document 1 - Référence du document 1






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