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Women in Action: Women's Movements Free Women, Free The World! - Millennia2015 at the WWAFE Seminar, House of Lords, London

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Freedom and the Women - Women's Rights Local, Global, Universal: 

A Seminar Series on Women's role, rights, leadership, power & liberty

WWAFE & Millennia2015


Seminar 3: ‘Women in Action - Women's Movements Free Women, Free The World!'

Women activists have organised, spoken out, spoken up, stood up, argued, acted, suffered and survived in the hopes of a better world for women, making a better world for all. Despite notions that there are ‘waves' of women's activism and women's movements, truth is otherwise. Never ever has there been a time when women have shut up – whether being silent through not speaking, or

‘staying home'. During the darkest times of (lack of) enlightenment, women have stood strong against notions of women being seen and not heard, or not even seen. Every advance, whether in freedom of speech and movement, rights to decent paidwork, rights to equal pay, rights to decent industrial conditions, saving the planet, striving for peace – all have been waged by women, for women and for the world. All have been spearheaded by brave, courageous, indomitable women who would not give up. Who refused to believe it was possible to fail. In the words of Susan B. Anthony, all these women knew, all these women know ‘Failure is impossible.' 


Patron: Baroness Gould


- Maryam Namazi – Political Activist, Campaigner & Blogger, Spokesperson for Fitnah – Movement for Women's Liberation.

- Tandekile Pilani – Communications Officer, Make Every Woman Count.

- Marie-Anne Delahaut – Research Director, The Destree Institute, Head & Founder, Millennia2015.

- Karen Buczynski-Lee – Director, Filmmaker & MA (Film) University of Melbourne, Australia.

- Selma James – Author & Campaigner.


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