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28/01/2014 Afghanistan in 2013: A Survey of the Afghan People

Author: Millennia2015

Source: The Asia Foundation






Afghanistan in 2013: A Survey of the Afghan People

The Asia Foundation


This year's Survey of the Afghan People reflects some unease in the country as Afghans approach the 2014 election and transition, in which the Afghan government will assume full responsibility for security and development in the country as NATO-led forces draw down. Afghans continue to be worried about insecurity, corruption, and unemployment. Over the past year, there has been a sharp increase in fears about personal safety, and over half of the country expressed fear about voting in a national election. Public confidence in a wide range of public officials and institutions is at an eightyear low, and public satisfaction with the performance of all levels of subnational government has declined. Despite these significant concerns, the survey also reveals considerable public optimism in some areas. A majority of Afghans continue to report that the country is going in the right direction, and a sizeable and growing number give national government performance a positive assessment.



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