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Violence against women: an EU-wide survey

Auteur : Millennia2025

Source : FRA (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights)


 European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights - Dignity

"Alongside responses to violence against women at the level of EU institutions and Member States, action to combat violence against women needs to come from different quarters, including employers, health professionals and internet service providers – to name just a few. This is particularly important because many women do not report their experiences of abuse to the authorities, so that the majority of violence against women continues to be hidden and, as a result, perpetrators are not confronted. Therefore, different avenues for highlighting and combating violence against women need to be explored further. With the publication of the survey and the necessary follow-up measures by politicians and policy makers, women who have been a victim of violence and have remained silent can be encouraged to speak up. This is crucial in those countries, and among certain groups, where it is not yet widespread to openly talk about personal experiences of violence, where reporting of incidents to the authorities is low, and where violence against women is not addressed as a mainstream policy issue.


In sum, this report presents the first results from the most comprehensive survey to date at the level of the EU (and worldwide) on women's diverse experiences of violence. It is hoped that the report's findings – read alongside the online data explorer tool – are taken up by those women and men who can advocate and initiate change to address violence against women.


Finally, the results presented in this report were only made possible by the participation of women in the survey who gave their time to talk about very personal and difficult experiences. It was the first time many of them had spoken to anyone about their abuse. For this, the FRA would like to thank them".



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