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Millennia 2015 - Methodology of the Foresight Research Process

Auteur : Millennia 2015

Source : The Destree Institute



Méthode Prospective Millennia 2015

Millennia 2015 : Methodology of the Foresight Research Process

Marie-Anne Delahaut and Philippe Destatte


Millennia 2015, "Women actors of development for the global challenges" is a foresight research process. Its specificity is to work in the context of the information society with foresight as a method. Its mission consists in emphasizing and in supporting women who work as actors of development, particularly when they are not recognized as such, by themselves or by their country, in order for them to participate in the front line to the process.


The goals of Millennia 2015 are to increase the potential of women, to reinforce their capacities, to encourage their investment and to fully recognize their responsibility in technological development. Millennia 2015 research plans to create more equality and greater solidarity, taking care of cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as to make conjectures about new models of development taking into consideration women's needs and values..


Millennia 2015 is an ambitious program dealing with strategic issues in order to make all the women act collectively as quickly as possible. It requires numerous resources to induce partnerships with eminent international organizations, in particular to mobilize everywhere, to carry and promote the initiative as well as its results.

Contents :


1. Context and goals of Millennia 2015;


2. The Millennia 2015 foresight research process;


 Millennia 2015 - Foresight Methodology


3. A common basis of information, result of the 2008 session of Millennia 2015;

3.1. First Knowledge Engine: Millennia 2015 Community;
3.2. Millennia 2015 Steering Committee;
3.3. Millennia 2015 website and knowledge database;
3.4. 2008 Topics of Millennia 2015;
3.5. 2008 Memorandum and mission of the Millennia 2015 Community until 2011;


4. Methodology of the foresight research process at the horizon 2015;

4.1. Knowledge Engine 2: Women Watch System;
4.2. Knowledge Engine 3: Women Future Measurement System;
4.3. Women in the Knowledge Society Foresight;
4.4. Foresight Diagnosis and Millennia 2015 Report 1;
4.5. Long Term Issues and Report 2;
4.6. Outcome of the Foresight Phase and Report 3;
4.7. Beginning of the Strategic Phase and second Millennia 2015 International Conference in Paris;
4.8. Diffusion of the Strategy and Women Global Platform;
4.9. New York International Conference and interaction with Global Movement;
4.10. Women Watch System and Women Future Measurement System at the horizon 2025;
4.11. Women Knowledge Society Reference Guide;


5. An ambitious program.



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