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Achieving Transformative Feminist Leadership

Auteur : Millennia2025

Source : Srilatha Batliwala and Michel Friedman



Achieving Transformative Feminist Leadership 

This toolkit is based on the assumption that such processes require a different type of leadership, what we may term ‘Transformative Feminist Leadership' (TFL).  Both feminism and Transformative Feminist Leadership are defined and explained in more detail in the following section (Module 1).  The toolkit is based largely on the concept paper entitled “Feminist Leadership for Social Transformation: Clearing the Conceptual Cloud” by Srilatha Batliwala, published by CREA in early 2011. This document (refered to as ‘the concept paper' throughout this toolkit) proposed that feminist leadership for social transformation is a ‘diamond', comprising four inter-related dimensions—politics purpose; power; principles/values and practices.  It further proposed that these four dimensions are practiced, mediated and deeply influenced in specific and unique ways by ‘The Self'—the personal histories and experiences of the individual who practices leadership in a given context, at any level of an organisation or movement.

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