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Living in a Sexualised Society - The Effects on Young Girls

Auteur : Millennia2025

Source : Anna Webster



Living in a Sexualised Society - The Effects on Young Girls 

"Adult sexual motifs are seeping into products and clothing targeted at children so much so, that it appears the gap between what is produced for children and for adults is being pulled closer and closer together. Not only is the merchandise aimed at young girls pushing the boundaries of „sexiness‟, but the images of women we see in our day-to-day lives, in particular through advertising and music videos, emote a certain provocative and sexual allure that can in turn have many physical and mental effects on young girls that are harmful.


In contrast to the time when I was at a young age, I find that there is a certain pressure applied on children to conform to a sexualised image. I am going to elaborate on these issues by adapting the ideas and theories of Gramsci and Marcuse to my chosen topic in terms of the impact of the media affecting consumption at a macro level of analysis. I will also adapt the works of micro-level theorists Mead and Goffman who explore the meanings and understandings established through interaction in relation to individual action." 

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