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Women's Economic Independence in Times of Austerity

Auteur : Millennia2025

Source : European Women's Lobby



 EWL: Women's Economic Independence

In the Throes of the Storm;

Where is the LightHouse?


"Women and the economy has become a critical area of concern as we embark upon 2015. The crashing of financial markets, heightened in 2008, continues to be the ghost that is haunting us. Looming in the backdrop, austerity measures that have not ceased to be actively promoted as an ‘exit strategy', are clearly not working. Our 2012, study on the Price of Austerity and the impact on women's rights and gender equality in Europe, already showed that austerity was not the best policy and warned against the long term consequences that this would have. This edition of European Women's Voice echoes that caution and gives a voice to women in Europe and in the global South for an international cross cutting  rategy on women's rights particularly as 2015 also marks a new framework for women and girls as part of future Sustainable Goals."



What Women Want (p. 40):


- Economic rights and independence, including access to employment, appropriate working conditions and control over economic resources.


- Facilitation of women's equal access to resources, employment, markets and trade.


- Business services, training and access to markets, information and technology, particularly to low-income women.


- Strengthened economic capacity and commercial networks.


- Eliminate occupational segregation and all forms of employment discrimination.


- Harmonisation of work and family responsibilities for women and men.


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