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Charter of Millennia2015 Women actors of development for the global challenges



Millennia 2015 shows women themselves and the world, that they can bring change towards a more human and sharing community.


Eleonora Masini, Millennia 2015, its role and its spirit, Roma, 01.2010


The charter of Millennia2015 "Women actors of development for the global challenges" specifies the goals and the foresight research process at short, medium and long terms. It defines the values, principles and challenges, determines the ethical criteria and the intellectual property.

The charter is a contract signed knowingly by the implied stakeholders for a period determined by mutual agreement. Any person, entity or organization adhering to the principles and values of Millennia2015, eager to contribute to women's empowerment, to their entire participation, in equality with men, to the definition and the construction of alternatives and more ethical futures, is invited to sign the Millennia2015 charter.

Millennia2015 "Women actors of development for the global challenges" is a foresight research process launched and implemented in 2007 by the Destree Institute, a European pluralist research centre based in Wallonia, NGO official partner of UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (consultative status) and in special consultative status with the ECOSOC, United Nations Economic and Social Council since August 2012. The Millennia2015 process, built with its international partners, is structured through three phases: "Information transfer", "Knowledge process" and "Intelligence platforms". They are regulated by three international conferences organized by The Destree Institute: the first one in Liege in March 2008, the second one with the patronage of the UNESCO at its Headquarters in Paris in December 2012 (including Foresight certifying trainings) for "Millennia2015, An action plan for women's empowerment" and the third one at the United Nations in New York in 2015 for the global results of the Action Plan by 2025. The URL of the multilingual website is


Based on the values written in the Charter of Millennia2015, the Millennia2025 Foundation "Women and innovation", Public Utility Foundation, aims at raising funds to implement the activities of the Millennia2015 foresight research process carried out by the Destree Institute for women's empowerment and gender equality. It is in charge of implementing and monitoring the action plans with the Millennia2015 local partner organizations. To this end, working closely with the Destrée Institute, the Millennia2025 Foundation will mainly raise funding to finance the action plans resulting from the foresight exercise presented at the UNESCO in December 2012; establish partnerships and collaborations with universities, NGOs and private sector, in order to empower women through digital solidarity; provide services, training, consulting, expertise, publications, conferences and seminars in the framework of the objectives of Millennia2015:






   1. Values of Millennia2015

The key values of Millennia2015 are equality and complementarity between women and men, respect of rights and diversity, promotion of the human capital and of digital solidarity in order to empower women.



   2. Mission of Millennia2015

The mission of Millennia2015 is to examine the strategies that will lead towards more equality and solidarity while respecting linguistic and cultural diversity. It also works on the hypothesis related to new models of development taking into consideration the needs and values of women by the year 2025.



   3. Tasks of Millennia2015

The tasks of Millennia2015 consist in identifying the nature of current and future changes; promoting a culture of respect for diversity and peace; recognizing and acknowledging women's ability to be actors and not victims of social change, while developing a new worldview that can create a more sustainable life for all humankind; building networks of feminine competence.




   4. Digital solidarity and network of Millennia2015

The governance of Millennia2015 is ensured by its direction, its team within The Destree Institute and the steering committee. The functioning of Millennia2015 is based on the strength and the interaction of its network, which is a valuable human capital consisting of members, contributors, regional communities and international thematic working groups (IWG) in 105 countries. The collaborative objective of Millennia2015 is to federate, on the multilingual website, all the stakeholders mobilized for women's empowerment, making sure to include the poorest.



   5. The foresight process of Millennia2015

Basing on content analysis dealing with gender issues raised since 2008, the 37 variables of Millennia2015 have been formulated and analyzed by the contributors. Millennia2015 will produce explorative scenarios. In preparation of the 2012 international conference, the task is about setting the issues, in other words the good questions to be answered by expressing desirable futures. The issues will result in formulating a clear and elaborated vision 2025 for each continent. The strategy needed to reach Millennia2015 vision shall be the Action plan for women's empowerment, to be finalized at the Millennia2015 conference at the UNESCO on 3 and 4 December 2012.





   6. The ethics of Millennia2015

Each member partner of Millennia2015 is committed to respecting the United Nations Charter and the fundamental texts of the UNESCO, the charter and intellectual property of Millennia2015, as well as those of the involved partners; to supporting women's empowerment and the building of more equitable futures in their countries; to respecting and promoting a society based on mutual respect, complementary equality and equity; to encouraging respect for cultures and diversities; to acting with a perspective of education and training for all, of sustainable development and search of harmony.



   7. Liabilities and commitment

Partnerships are concluded for period determined by mutual agreement with partners. Partnership can be broken up immediately if one of the partner does not respect the conditions or by mutual agreement according to particular circumstances.



   7.1. Within that framework, partners pledge to:

- affix Millennia2015 ® name and logo as well as the link on their website or on any document in relation with the foresight research

- always refer (authors, title, date, links) productions that come from Millennia2015 and that are published on their website or on any

- not modify Millennia2015 productions for commercial purpose, individual or external interests having no link with the objectives

  described in this charter;
- work honestly with due diligence to achieve Millennia2015 goals and widely promote them in the framework of the partnership;
- share information concerning Millennia2015 with their members;
- submit to Millennia2015 each contribution to the foresight exercise realized by their members, as well as reports, studies or

  information concerning the status of women and the strengthening of their capacities in the related countries;
- introduce Millennia2015 in their network and encourage the registration of new members online;
- incite, when possible, new partnership between the network of the partner and the network of Millennia2015.



   7.2. Within that partnership, Millennia2015 pledges to:

- facilitate the access to resources, sharing of knowledge, publications and valorisation of contents for its members and partners;
- promote and spread the work done by contributors, communities and working group within the Millennia2015 network;
- clearly assess the data of partners in the products resulting from a common work;
- include the logo and link to the website of the partner in the section “partner” of Millennia2015 portal;
- inform the partner about international conferences and seminars organized by Millennia2015;
- develop with a mutual agreement specific collaboration between the partner and Millennia2015;
- promote the partner and its activities within Millennia2015 network.





   8. Legal and administrative information

Millennia2015 is a registered trademark written with two “l” and two “n” as the Latin word, all in one piece with "2015". Its entire title specifies the goals: "Women actors of development for the global challenges". Its multilingual website is hosted and developed in autonomy by The Destree Institute on

The bank details of the Millennia2025 Foundation are:
    IBAN of the account : BE07 0688 9496 4766
    Country : Belgium

The Destree Institute bylaws and charter are published online on its website:

- Headquarters and administrative information of The Destree Institute, Millennia2015 and the Millennia2025 Foundation:
  Institut Destrée, 9, avenue Louis Huart - B 5000 Namur, Wallonia (Belgium)
  Tél. : +32(0)81. 234.397. - Tlc. : +32(0)81.226.411. -


- Number of the company: BE406.517.102.


In case of dispute, the only competent jurisdiction is the courthouse of Namur.




Marie-Anne Delahaut,

Director of research at The Destree Institute, Head and Founder of Millennia2015,
President of the Millennia2025 "Women and Innovation" Foundation, FUP,

Head of the Information Society Unit of The Destree Institute, NGO official partner of UNESCO (consultative status) and in Special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2012. - -
delahaut.marie-anne [at]
9, avenue Louis Huart - B 5000 Namur, Wallonia - Tel. 32(0)495.213.981. - 32(0)81.234.397.


Coumba Sylla,
Research fellow at the information society unit of the Destree Institute, NGO official partner of UNESCO (consultative status) and in Special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2012,

Treasurer of the Millennia2025 "Women and Innovation" Foundation, PUF.
Head of the Millennia2015 Senegal community, - -
sylla.coumba [at]
9, avenue Louis Huart - B 5000 Namur, Wallonia - Tel. +32(0)81.234.398.











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Charter of Millennia2015 "Women actors of development for the global challenges" 

Marie-Anne Delahaut and Coumba Sylla





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Charte de Millennia2015, "Femmes actrices de développement pour les enjeux mondiaux" 

Marie-Anne Delahaut et Coumba Sylla





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