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  Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation


The Report on the World Summit on the Information Society Stocktaking 2012 includes Millennia2015

World Summit on the Information Society Forum, Geneva, 18.05.2012


The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) was organized at the initiative of the United Nations Secregary-General to establish a clear vision for building an inclusive global information society in our increasingly technology-driven, interconnected world.


The first phase of WSIS took place in Geneva in 2003, and the second phase in Tunis in 2005. Since the first edition of the WSIS Stocktaking Report was issued back in 2005, biannual reporting has been a key tool for monitoring the progress of ICT initiatives and projects worldwide.


The publication "WSIS Stocktaking: Success Stories 2011" was released at the previous WSIS Forum in order to illustrate key lessons drawn from the management of ICT-related projects. All stakeholders have benefited from the sharing of these interesting case studies, which have thus certainly facilitated the transfer of knowledge, experiences and models for project implementation.

The "Report on the World Summit on the Information Society Stocktaking 2012" was issued during the WSIS FORUM 2011 held in Geneva, 16-20 May 2011. The Report presents more than 1.000 recent WSIS-related activities, undertaken between May 2010 and the present day, each emphasizing the efforts deployed by stakeholders involved in the WSIS process.

 In this report, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has chosen to highlight the activities of the foresight research process Millennia2015 "Women actors of development for the global challenges", included in the section "Ethical dimensions of the Information Society" (page 119).


The process for women's empowerment is going on and the international conference Millennia2015 "An action plan for women's empowerment will be organized on 3 and 4 December 2012 at the UNESCO headquarters. During that conference the Millennia2015 action plan will be finalized thanks to the contribution of its contributors and participants.


The Destree Institute Information Unit participates in the WSIS process since 2003 with the "Foresight and governance of the Internet" study about "Digital networks as structuring tools for the Knowledge Regions", international conference organized in Namur, 4 March 2005. Its proceedings (book and DVD-book) were presented at the WSIS Summit in Tunis, November 2005.



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