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The 37 variables of Millennia2015 - Resources


V27-R - Women, feminism, ideas debate and politics

V27-R - Femmes, féminisme, débats d'idées et politique


V27 - => Women, feminism, ideas debate and politics

=> Questions V27



V27 - => Femmes, féminisme, débats d'idées et politique

=> Questions V27







The European Foresight Platform organizes its Final Event in Vienna, ”Forward Looking Activities Governing Grand Challenges”, 27-28 September 2012: Marie-Anne Delahaut is invited as keynote with the title "Is there a feminist view on the future?".


The members of Millennia2015 Think Tank share their views about this question:




La Plateforme européenne de Prospective organise son événement de clôture à Vienne, "Activités prospectives gouvernant les grands enjeux", les 27- 28 septembre 2012 : Marie-Anne Delahaut est invitée comme intervenante avec le titre "Y a t-il une vision féministe sur le futur ?"


Les membres du Think Tank de Millennia2015 partagent leurs vues concernant cette question :




    Is there a feminist view on the future? Y a-t-il une vision féministe sur le futur ?


Millennia2015 Think Tank - Debate opened - Débat ouvert : 08.09.2012



Answers from - Réponses de : 


Benedicta Assagba,  Bisi Bright, Marcia S. Cohen,

Silvia Depau, Elizabeth Florescu, Achut P. Gautam,

David Harries, Lois Herman, Agatha Ikposhi,

Sandra Jean-Gilles, Felicity Kelliher, Eleonora Masini,

Anita Mathew, Ivana Milojević, Ndèye Boury Niang,  

Concepción Olavarrieta, Shirley Randell, Sawsan Sadek,

François Schmitt, Jocelynne Scutt, Apiriola Victoria Tosin


Thanks to all! Merci à toutes et tous !




   Lois Herman


Coordinator, WUNRN - Women's UN Report Network,
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States




There are truly no unified visions, current profiles, strategies, for women that characterize a country or region. It is highly diverse. Forces that have impacted are many including immigration, financial crisis, patriarchy, religions including extremism, globalization, war and conflict, displacement and refugee status, and more. I will next send you the Italy Power Point for our Panel on Violence Against Women in Italy. I spent alot of time trying to conceptualize this, and it was very well received, but shows the many Women of Italy. Further, there is increasing variation among the generations, and as in Europe, the great grandmother may be so exceedingly different from her granddaughters/great-granddaughters. Feminism is also an elusive concept, embraced by many women as a driving force for equality and rights. Yet, for others and for many men, the term feminism is not positive. All contexts differ.
What does feminism mean to the rural woman who does not have title to land that may be taken away from her family by oil companies, big construction projects, and so much more. What does feminism mean to a woman with children who suddenly becomes a widow and is considered inauspicious, and her late husband's family may sieze her home, her little bit of land. What does feminism mean to a woman who is illiterate, walks miles to water, takes her girls out of school to work in child labor, and cannot afford the medical care she desparately needs. For her, the future is NOW. Life is very much in the moment.
Additionally, we see more rural people/women moving to the cities, even slums, where they are even more challenged. We see developed nations exploiting less developed. Bribery and money can be almost anything, and very much including people, and women and girls. This has increased, big business, and has been very politicized.
For the future, we have seen more polarization in this world, more poor and hungry and unequal than ever before because of some reasons above, but also because of the domination of the world by financial powers/institutions, governments, private sector, leaving behind many who struggle only to survive. I have so many statistics, studies, reports; often skewed to say what the controlling force wants. Such is the case with the Millennium Development Goals, and Country Reports to the CEDAW Committee, the UN Universal Periodic Review. Feminism could be considered a luxury if one is trying just to exist and have food, water, shelter, health, decent work and livelihood......

+ documents



   Marcia S. Cohen


Attorney and mediator

Paris, France - Florida, USA



Women must have control of their bodies and receive equal pay for equal work in order to progress as equals in the future.  Easy to say, but religious fundamentalists make these goals almost impossible to achieve.




   David Harries


Foresight Canada,

Kingston, Canada



I do not know if there is " a feminist view on the future".

But from much experience and considerable knowledge, I do know that there is a female perspective on human security. Human security is, of course, the foundation of everyone's well-being in the future.
The female perspective on human security is:
- sometimes very different from the 'conventional' definitions and descriptions of human security, and
- unlike the typical 'male' perspective on human security, seldom if ever explicitly connected with/related to national security - defence.

I suggest that the meanings of the words you use to answer the question you have been set must be clear to all: feminists are (usally) female, not are females are feminists.






   Ivana Milojević


Research director of;

Researcher and an educator with the background in sociology, gender, peace and futures studies;
Adjunct Researcher at the The University of the Sunshine Coast;
Sunshine Coast, Australia




I've done quite a bit of research on this and would argue that there isn't 'a feminist view on the future'...Over hundred years, globally, various women's and feminist's movements have outlined a diversity of visions on the future. What they do have in common, however, is a desire to challenge patriarchal 'colonisation of the future', i.e. to challenge preferred futures desired or envisioned by carriers of patriarchal cognitive templates but often believed 'inevitable' or 'the most likely/plausible'.


We've discussed this and many other issue in a special issue of Futures on Feminist Futures:
Of particular value there is a conversation piece entitled "futures studies and feminism', edited by Karen Hurley, with participation of women futurists such as Eleonora Masini, Elise Boulding, Riane Eisler, Smita Premchander, Pamela McCorduck, Patricia Kelly and many others....


I've myself discussed similarities and diversities between feminists' views on the future in numerous articles, some of which could be found here:
or here:


I think of particular interest to this question may be the following article I published in Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women:


Perhaps some of this will be helpful to you... 




   Concepción Olavarrieta

President, Nodo Mexicano. El Proyecto del Milenio, A.C.,
Mexico City, Mexico




It is important to start on speaking about the THE FUTURES OF WOMEN'S LEADERSHIP AGAINST TOC.


Transnational organized crime generates annual revenues between 2 & 3 trillion dollars, about twice all the military budgets of the world and 3% to 4% of global GDP.   The rapid growth and penetration of transnational organized crime in all spheres of life on the planet, demand urgently new paradigms that promote global awareness and active participation of Women leaders with new visions for local, national and global actions to permeate all society strata.

The Nodo Mexicano. El Proyecto del Milenio and The Millennium Project (, think tank that gathers more than 2500 futurists in the world) consider a priority to awaken the early warning of Women leaders for envisioning, acting and supporting UN and SIEMENS efforts in the world.


To build a framework on the role of women as a factor for change in the future scenarios of transnational organized crime.


To define 2030 alternative scenarios (probable, possible and catastrophic) on transnational organized crime and the role of women in this context, to design from them strategies and alternatives that promote women's effective leadership against transnational organized crime.





   Apiriola Victoria Tosin


Women and Youth Development Initiatives
Kwara State, Nigeria




There is Feminist view of the future. A view as defined in the oxford dictionary is to have a personal opinion  about something or an attitude towards something.

Thus, the conference wants to know (y)our opinion on Feminist and Feminism in the future.


As stated above that there is Feminist view to the future because as a young lady and a Feminist/ Gender Activist, I have come to the conclusion that Feminism as a course (movement) has impacted positively the lives of people around the world., although, we still have a long way to go but there is optimism that we will get there-


Taking Africa Region and my dear country Nigeria for example, gone are the days where the Role of the Female Gender is in the Kitchen, with the country been signatory to several treaties, one of which is the 35% affirmative action, efforts are being made to continue to mainstream gender in all decision making processes.


So, if we have 100 to 35 men and women representation respectively, there is no gain saying that the future is clear and a clean for Feminist to continue breaking new grounds and changing the status quo.


Hope you find this useful in preparing your wonderful presentation. 







    Elizabeth Florescu


Director of research,  The Millennium Project;

Calgary, Alberta, Canada 



This sounds really wonderful, congratulations! The program also looks very good and I was happy to see several Millennium Project people as speakers.


Concerning your specific theme, I think that there is a lot of material in Challenge 11 and obviously in the changing  stereotypes study (which looks another 50 years ahead) that you can draw from. I'm not sure if there is (or if there should be, as a matter of fact) a feminist view on the future, but there is certainly an increasing gender collaboration on designing policies and strategies. And that's proven by the numerous statistics that you can find in Challenge 11, as well as some important new developments such as Senegal's July elections that resulted in 64 of the 150 new representatives in the national assembly being women -- an important step towards gender equality not only for the country but for the entire region. Then there is the EC's recently proposed new law asking that listed companies have at least 40% of their board of directors women by 2020 (and, unlike other quota rules, this one will be enforced by fines and sanctions.) Such developments will certainly trigger some changes to management styles and policies at all levels -- which arguably could be considered (or reflect) a more "feminist view on the future".


Please do not hesitate to let us know which way we could be of any specific help.  





    Sawsan Sadek


Docteur es Sciences, Enseignante chercheuse à l'Université libanaise dans le domaine des TIC;

Chehim, Liban  




Je dirai que la vision feminine serait de donner plus d'attention à la famille, aux relations humaines, à la communication orale et directe entre les gens. Humaniser plus le monde, car je sens qu'on devient des robots commandés par les avancées technologiques.

Il serait bien de favoriser l'enseignement des traditions anciennes (les bonnes) à l'école, d'encourager les petits à pratiquer des jeux anciens (à jouer au cache cache par exemple) au lieu de tenir les gadgets electroniques et rester tout le temps collés dessus, consolider les attaches à la terre, aux amis, revenir aux valeurs et se détacher du matérialisme qui dirige les relations humaines de nos jours.. J'espère que j'ai repondu à ta question.. 



   Sandra Jean-Gilles 


Coordonnatrice, Mouvement Pour la Voix des Femmes en Haïti,
Port-au-Prince, Haïti
Je me réjouis de cette opportunité pour débattre d'un tel sujet. En Haiti, nous avons constitué une cellule de débat sur les questions féministes et de Genre.
Le sujet est d'importance et l'enjeu est d'autant plus grand qu'il est formulé à l'interrogatif. Nous sommes donc doublement motivées a partager notre vision avec les autres communautés Millennia de par le monde.



   Eleonora Masini

Professeur émérite de Prospective de la Faculté des Sciences sociales à l'Université grégorienne, Rome;

Former chair of the Italy Node of The Millennium Project;

Roma, Italy




I can just give you ideas as I do not see scenarios etc. in Italy on the subject.

A feminist view can be that women would  think it right that their views are of a future where women's personalities, points of  view, assertions and decisions are valued as muchas those of men in economics, in social changes, in political choices and even in religious perspectives. Women have for sure different personalities which may lead to differences from men's in the same various areas when thinking about the future as well as when thinking about the present.

I hope this simple thinking is useful for you




   Bisi Bright


Pharm Mrs, CEO, LiveWell Initiative LWI,

Lagos, Nigeria




My view is as follows:
1. Yes,there is a feminist view on the future.... the men 'used to' rule the world but today, we are in a world of economic downturn. The women are more frugal, tactical, patient, resilient and they possess the managerial skills to turn the world around in the right direction.

2. The feminist view of the future is therefore one which will witness a lot more women occupying key positions of Authority, in their municipals, their countries, and even globally as we do have now at the IMF, World Bank, etc.

3. I see a future in which men and women work side by side to make the world economy better; a mutually synergistic future for all, with women playing a forefront role, to make the world a better place.

4. I do not see this as a gender war, but a symbiotic, mutually respecting and mutually rewarding synergistic inter- and intra- gender  collaboration.


Thank you and, kindest regards





I have visited the link and the discussions are very stimulating and rewarding.

The way forward is, an Action Plan ....and a common 'Voice' on the future.




   François Schmitt


Représentant principal de l'OMAEP auprès de l'ECOSOC à l'ONU Genève,
I.F.C.V. ® Institut de Formation et de Coaching de Vie
CP Suisse Éducation, Formation, Culture et Bien-être
Cranves-Sales, France



Thème : « Y a-t-il une vision féministe sur le futur ? »


Je voudrais d'abord faire une remarque sur le titre où, parler de féminisme, est une manière simpliste et dépassée de présenter la vision qui intègre les valeurs féminines. Cette approche sera complémentaire de « d'une vision dominante et dominatrice» trop masculine. Une vision féminine pourra apporter des valeurs d'amour, de partage, de bonheur, de bien-être, d'abondance et de paix. Celles-ci deviendront des outils et une finalité, qui me parait mieux représentée l'apport essentiel de la femme pour édifier ce nouveau futur.

Ce futur peut aussi amener à se poser des questions sur la manière de l'envisager. Quels nouveaux paramètres ou variables faudra-t-il prendre en compte pour sortir de la crise et de l'échec mondial actuel notre monde où :
• pollue et détruit la vie sur la planète qui le nourrit
• affame 1 milliard d'humains parmi la population mondiale et rend malade la majorité des autres avec une mal-nutrition « programmée » : ceci engendre la plupart des maux, maladies, violence, etc...dont souffre l'humanité
• ne respecte pas la femme et exploite tout même les enfants souvent dans des buts de cupidité personnelle
• fait le contraire de ce qui écrit dans la charte des Droits de l'Être Humain concerne son application et le respect et la dignité de tous les êtres vivants
• engendre une augmentation de la violence et des guerres soutenue par des budgets financiers de plus en plus importants


Donc si le futur n'est qu'un prolongement prospectif basé sur les paramètres privilégiés actuels, sur les valeurs et croyances d'une culture dominante dépassée, alors il ne sera pas innovateur et bénéfique pour la majorité de la population de la planète. La situation des femmes et des enfants continuera à se dégrader.


Un nouveau futur devra être basé sur une approche réellement créative qui développe une vision qui s'appuie sur des valeurs plus globales et éthiques intégrant les valeurs féminines. Alors le bien-être, l'abondance, l'amour, le respect de la vie, le partage et la paix seront privilégiés. Ce nouveau futur, à créer et construire, devra être basé sur la valorisation de l'être humain dans ses 2 polarités masculines et féminines.

Il prendra en compte aussi le Développement Durable s'appuyant sur les 3 piliers qui sont:
• L'écologique, le respect et la valorisation du vivant
• l'économique et le financier obéissant à des lois éthiques
• le social et l'être humain dans le respect et la dignité

Evidemment dans cette approche, les 8 Objectifs du Millénaire pour 2015, devront être formulé non pas seulement pour diminuer la misère sous toutes ses formes mais mobiliser toutes les énergies et compétences pour développer :
• L'abondance alimentaire, agricole, économique en donnant les moyens à tous les acteurs humains d'œuvrer pour une vraie autononomie alimentaire suivi de partage et d'échanges des excédents ou spécificités
• L'accès à l'eau et l'énergie pour tous, ce qui est un droit
• La santé pour tous, femmes, mères et enfants en facilitant l'accès par l'éducation à la vie, la formation et la communication
• L'éducation-instruction pour tous grâce aux outils de communications qui en donnent les moyens
• Le partenariat entre tous les acteurs économiques, écologiques, financiers, politiques, sanitaires, sociaux, culturels pour construire un nouveau monde


Nous œuvrons dans ce sens au sein de l'OMAEP et d'autres associations et ONG pour cette prise de conscience amenant un changement des mentalités et des comportements.
L'OMAEP a participé à RIO+20 avec d'autres partenaires avec le thème :
« 9 mois pour sauver le monde »
La Femme, berceau d'une nouvelle humanité


Le même thème a été développé pour montrer le rôle et les pouvoirs dont dispose la femme dans la transmission de la vie et des valeurs culturelles. Cette éducation à la vie peut changer le monde en profondeur, dès la première cellule fécondée, directement à la source, à l'origine de toute vie humaine. Les connaissances scientifiques actuelles confirment les savoirs traditionnels et socioculturels sur les pouvoirs uniques dont dispose la femme pour mettre au monde des enfants sains, heureux, sociables et formés pour le bien-être et la paix.

Pour construire ce nouveau futur, la nécessité de changer les mentalités et de guérir des mémoires dépassées, schémas mentaux de peur, de culpabilités, de dévalorisations et de violences.
Aujourd'hui les outils existent pour arrêter cette répétition, reproduction négative et libérer l'immense potentiel de vie, de joie et de créativité dont chaque être humain est porteur.

Le futur se construit dans le présent, ensemble, pour faire de la terre un paradis où il fait bon vivre dans le bien-être et la paix pour tous.


+ documents




   Jocelynne Scutt

Visiting Fellow,
Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge,
Cambridge, United Kingdom


How exciting that you have such a prominent spot on the programme and that you are speaking on such an important topic. Here are urls to two articles I published on the issue of women and leadership and women's accession to leadership: this is in the context of the Australian Prime Minister who is being assailed with much that is anti-woman. Hence, the issue pinpointed is that for the future - both the world for women and the world for humanity - the anti-woman aspect must be addressed and renounced: the media here is a problem as well as a boon - unfortunately the media in Australia is a part of the problem and particulary online media can and does contribute (as the article referred to by me in one of my - by Owen Jones of the UK newspaper the *Independent* affirms), as well as having the potential for positive approaches and attitudes toward women and women in leadership roles.

- Is a Woman Leader Possible? Eleanor Roosevelt, Hilary Clinton and Australia's Prime Minister?

OnLine Opinion, 11 May 2012, (accessed 11 May 2012)


- Accessions to Power - Are Women Prime Ministers Different?? OnLine Opinion,
29 May 2012 , (accessed 30 May 2012)



The future I believe women wish to see - for the benefit of all humanity and the world generally (environment, the planet in the heavens, the universe, etc) - is one where:


* women and men live together peaceably, appreciating the positive values and attributes of each woman and man;


* 'leadership' is possible without the abuse and misuse of power - with power in the sense of empowerment of oneself and others, rather than 'power over' being the nature of leadership;


* conflict between and amongst nations is resolved through communication, dialogue, discussion, cultural exchange;


* positive encouragement by all nations is given to the development of diverse working lives, with people able to gain education and work in countries in addition to those of their origin, meaning that people work together in the education and employment sectors, getting to know persons of other nationalities and contributing to the welfare and benefit of their own and others' nations;


* real support is given for maternity and parenthood - by the state and by individuals within the state, so that fathers participate equally in the upkeep and care of children, with the eradication of the assumption that women will bear this responsibility in the main or solely;


* equal numbers of women and men sit in legislatures and executives (prime minister, president, ministers, heads of government departments and instrumentalities) throughout the world, so that women and men contribute equally to formal law-making and administration of laws;


* equal numbers of women and men sit on courts and tribunals throughout the world, so that women and men contribute equally to decision-making in all fields of law;


* equal numbers of women and men sit on corporate and government boards,hold leadership positions in all fields, with equal power and responsibility in all fields;


* equal numbers of women and men in the media - print, radio and television as well as filmmaking - in 'up front' positions as feature writers, anchors, on-screen and on-air personalities, and behind the scenes as producers, writers, directors, etc.


Hope that this may be useful ...




   Achut P. Gautam


Member Secretary, Nepal International Consumers Union,

Kathmandu, Nepal




- Feminist View on the future -
- Healing the wounds of Family Violences with disabilities must be addressed 
- Different aspect of inequalities to girls /women.Addressing Inequalities

- Gender equality & Women's rights must be well addressed

- Women/girls with disabilities must be  fully supported  with guarantee
- Jobless women must get allowances,/other perks / Any Rewards/fellowhips 

- Education allowance for girls and Women . Education to girls and Women
- Skill develop opportunity to women for survival  with income generating programs.

- To Urgent Ban on Women going on job to Gulf countries ( many returns with physically handicapped. Sex abused, tortured, broken limbs, mentally handicapped, and even with suicide cases.)

- Legal support and inclusion in all developmental process with respectable position for Women 

- Most importantly my advice  is  to set up « Feminine Club » at different places listening to and solving problems of girls and Women






   Agatha Ikposhi


Deputy Registrar, Cross River University Of Technology,
Calabar South, Subsahara, Africa






Without any preamble, and owing to the emerging issues on the relevance of feminist movement in the sub-region, and the theoretical conceptualizations that have arisen in response to the global discourse on; i. rights, sexuality ,roles and  identity, I would say there is a feminist view on the future.

My position is based on the foregoing


At the moment, adequate advocacy on women's right, political and economic emancipations have already been made.  The ongoing feminist   action is directed at bridging the existing impediments of gender, and to openly challenge and defend them. This to me should serve as a spring board for future expression of feminist views vis-à-vis the realization that women should be accorded great access to resources and control over their lives (empowerment) and the emerging views that male and female roles are parallel and complementary (gender equality) and as such, should extend across the household to economic, political and religious circles.


Suffice it to say that, the ultimate attainment of this lies greatly with the women themselves.

The celebration of women's ability to give birth must give way to the subordination of biological roles to other roles within the society.

This takes me to my final anchor point.

Women collectively, must rise up to the challenge and the need for feminist view on the future by their self-assessment that;
Women have equal capabilities with men; and   that they have what it takes to bring their capabilities to bear on the human existential platform and with that, a feminist view on the future will become a reality.


Thank you.





   Shirley Randell


Prof AO, PhD
Managing Director, SRIA Rwanda Ltd
Kigali, Rwanda / Sydney, Australia




I believe that the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls is a worthy goal for the feminist view of the future.
This needs to be tackled in all nations, in churches and faith based organisations, with intimate partners, by security organs and by governments.




  Bisi Bright

Pharm (Mrs) 1st Vice Chairman / CEO,
LiveWell Initiative LWI,
Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.




I have visited the link and the discussions are very stimulating and rewarding.

The way forward is, an Action Plan ....and a common  'Voice' on the future.





   Annie Matundu-Mbambi


Chair LadyWILPF- DRC

Kinshasa, République démocratique du Congo,




"Y a t-il une vision féministe sur le futur ?"

Les recherches effectuées à propos des féminismes sont très complexes au niveau international, régional et national.
Il serait important de reconnaître les différences des histoires, des générations, et des contextes avant de penser au féminisme futur. Le rapport de force de pouvoir patriarcal ou fondamentaliste diffère dans un contexte donné d'où la conception d'une vision féministe devient différente d'un pays à l'autre. En Afrique par exemple, la femme ignorante de ses droits se laisse faire ou tout simplement, si elle connaît ses droits abandonne, par peur des représailles  qui pourront venir de la part de  son entourage, sa famille où son église . Le non droit au savoir, le non droit au droit et le non droit au pouvoir n'envisage pas le féministe lointain.

A mon point de vue ,pour penser à une vision féministe futur ,il faut que la population puisse intérioriser ce concept comme elle a intériorisé les stéréotypes discriminatoires à l'égard des femmes. Il faut qu'il y ait l'apparition de nouveaux comportements et attitudes entraînant des changement et transformations de rapports de genre qui donneront  lieu à des nouvelles perspectives du féminisme futur.

Dans le cas de la République Démocratique du Congo, nous voulons définir notre féminisme congolais. Cette question nécessite un atelier de réflexion pour que les femmes congolaises puissent avoir un féminisme qui cadre dans le contexte de la RDC.

C'est comme pour surenchérir Gandhi qui a dit que « lorsqu'on décide pour la femme sans elle, on décide contre elle ».






   Benedicta Assagba


Présidente, CREDO-ACTION

Lomé, Togo




"Y a-t-il une vision féministe sur le futur ?


Oui vraiment il y a une vision féministe pour le futur.


D'abord tout les filles à l'école. Faut que nous mettons des internet en faveur des filles en milieu rural. Faire des filles des véritables femmes de demain.


Ensuite encouragé les filles pour un avenir prospère. Les monde de demain a besoin des voix des femmes pour son évolution, sa émancipation et surtout pour une bonne gouvernance. Femme d'aujourd'hui aussi femme de demain.





   Ndèye Boury NIANG

Chargée des Affaires pédagogiques,
Observatoire des Relations de Genre au Sénégal,
Dakar, Sénégal




Au Sénégal l'application de la parité est entrée en vigueur avec les élections législatives organisées en juillet 2012 sur l'élaboration des listes. Mais à l'arrivée, sur 150 députés seulement 65 ont pu être élues. La remarque principale est que des hommes qui ont vu leur chance réduite par la présence féminine, ont entrepris une campagne tendant à remettre en cause ce que les femmes ont acquis de hautes luttes.

Je voudrais dire à mes compatriotes sénégalaises que nous avons remporté une bataille mais le chantier pour gagner est vaste et parsemé d'embûches.

Ensemble, nous vaincrons!







   Silvia Depau


Assistant to The Destree Information Society Unit for Millennia2015
Namur, Wallonia, Belgium




Is there a feminist view on the future?






Books abstracts.





   Felicity KELLIHER

Infirmière, cadre de santé, formatrice

Vannes, Bretagne, France




Dans la vision féministe de l'avenir, il me semble nécessaire d'inclure l'éducation des garçons.

L'enjeu est leur perception de la femme comme partenaire pensante et non un objet où une mineure. 










Sent by


Anita Mathew,

Consultant Women and Childs rights

Goa, India




Andrea Cornwall, Fellow of the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, southern Englan,
Pathways of women's empowerment, 2007-2010.








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 Millennia2025 Woment and Innovation Foundation  

Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation, Public Utility Foundation
in Special consultative status with
the United Nations ECOSOC since 2019


Fondation Millennia2025 Femmes et Innovation, Fondation d'utilité publique
en statut consultatif spécial auprès de l'ECOSOC des Nations Unies depuis 2019



Institut Destrée - The Destree Institute

The Destree Institute, NGO official partner of
UNESCO (consultative status) and 
in Special consultative status with
the United Nations ECOSOC since 2012 


L'Institut Destrée, ONG partenaire officiel de
l'UNESCO (statut de consultation) et 
en statut consultatif spécial auprès de l'ECOSOC
des Nations Unies depuis 2012




International conference,

with the patronage
of the UNESCO 


Conférence internationale

avec le patronage
de l'UNESCO   ©   Institut Destrée - The Destree Institute