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Interview of Marie-Anne Delahaut - "Women are the architects of their future"

Interview de Marie-Anne Delahaut - "Les femmes sont les architecutres du futur"

Professional Women International Brussels - 07.10.2012






PWI -    What inspired you to found Millennia2015?        


Alessandra, let me try to highlight the path that brought me to create this initiative: I have always been a feminist but had no idea about how to activate that motivation.


In 1998 I have founded the Wallonia Chapter of the Internet Society, whose goal was internet for everyone and as a driver of education. I am still a member of that international network. The challenges of internet governance emerged at a global level in 2003 with the World Summit on the Information Society. I participated to the first session in Geneva in 2003 and organized a research about "Foresight and governance of the internet" in 2005 at the Castle of Namur with international researchers. I presented the results in Tunis in 2005, with 19.000 other members of the civil society. It was impressive to be part of a United Nations meeting and to discover the complexity of decision making at that global level. It gave me the opportunity of meeting and working with many people from different countries and... among them many women,  leaders,

researchers, actors of development. Some of them represented communities from developing countries, with so much courage and hope!


This experience of meeting many women from different countries and conditions, all active as architects of their own futures inspired me to develop a global network.


On the 8th March 2006 our fellow France Chapter of the Internet Society invited me to present our research about foresight and governance of the Internet. I decided to ask for a short presentation to my new women colleagues and... it worked. The idea of Millennia2015 was born!

In 2007 I created Millennia2015 as a foresight research process, hosted and part of The Destree Institute.



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