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-WMDA Award - Nigeria

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Fondation Millennia2025 Femmes et Innovation

Millennia2015 - Session 2008


Women Millennium Development Ambassadors Award, Nigeria

Closing ceremony of Millennia 2015, Liege Convention Centre




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During the closing ceremony of Millennia 2015, Marie-Anne Delahaut had the honor of attributing
the Women Millennium Development Award to:

(from left to right)
Eluwa Achama Nnenna Ngozi, Ngozi Eze, Urhobo Evelyn Omowumi,
Ihekere Ngozi Akubuokwu Patricia, Mkpa Nnenna Deborah Mercy Esther,
Augustina Agbonvhohime Eniayeju, Ewuzie Uche Caroline Chimack and Nwosu Patience Ngozi.



Nigeria Women Millennium Development Program team

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Eluwa Achama Nnenna Ngozi, Mkpa Nnenna Deborah Mercy Esther, Marie-Anne Delahaut, Ewuzie Uche Caroline Chimack and Ihekere Ngozi Akubuokwu Patricia

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Ewuzie Uche Caroline Chimack

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Nwosu Patience Ngozi

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Hussaini Huawa Larai Haruna

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Ihekere Ngozi Akubuokwu Patricia

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Mkpa Nnenna Deborah Mercy Esther

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Eluwa Achama Nnenna Ngoz

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Ngozi Eze

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Eniayeju Augustina Agbonvhohime

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Maryam Ibrahim Danbauchi

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Urhobo Evelyn Omowumi

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