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 Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation

Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation 


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Context of Millennia2015, the foresight research process
for gender equality and women's empowerment



Millennia2015 "Women actors of development for the global challenges" is a foresight research process launched and implemented in 2007 by The Destree Institute, a European pluralist research centre based in Wallonia, NGO official partner of UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (consultative status) and in special consultative status with the ECOSOC, United Nations Economic and Social Council since August 2012. The Millennia2015 process, built with its international partners, is structured through three phases: "Information transfer", "Knowledge process" and "Intelligence platforms".


These phases are regulated by international conferences organized by The Destree Institute since 2008, in collaboration with the Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation since 2012, among which:


v in Liege Convention Centre in March 2008 for the first International Conference
   Millennia2015 "Women actors of development for the global challenges" about the Information transfer,


v at the United Nations in New York with the International Organisation of la Francophonie in March 2010
   for the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW54),


v at the World Future Society with the Millennium Project Planning Committee in July 2011 in Vancouver, Canada,
   to present the foresight exercise and strengthen the international collaborations, 


v at the Ecole des Mines in Paris in November 2011 about the foresight exercise,


v with the patronage of the UNESCO at its Headquarters in Paris in December 2012 (including Foresight research methodology qualifying trainings)
   for the second International Conference "Millennia2015, An action plan for women's empowerment",


v at the University of Namur in April 2015 about the concrete action Millennia2025 Solidarity-Women,


v ... at the United Nations in New York in 2020 for the global results of the Action Plan at the horizon 2025.



Millennia2025 acts in a view of digital solidarity with those who do not access communications tools and who nevertheless are drivers of changes. Millennia2025 gives a voice to those who need it the more and pass it on to decision-makers who have to take it in consideration. Multiculturalism induces an open debate and structured actions benefiting women and the humanity in the respect of diversities. Millennia2025 strength consists in the creativity of its human capital. Women are at the same time bearers of rights, builders of alternative futures, drivers of change and mediators. Essential within Millennia2015, complementarity between women and men is an evolution driving force for an equitable society strengthened by mutual respect and valorization of differences.


The interaction between the members of the Millennia2025 International Voluntary Researchers' Network, coming from different origins and cultures, with diverse educational and professional backgrounds, contribute to the stimulation of a collaborative intelligence consolidated by a rigorous foresight method. Mutualization of knowledge, experiences and good practices within Millennia2015 Think and Action Tank strenghtens confidence in the network, creativity and will to act among the partners concerned about gender equality and women's empowerment. Millennia2025 goals are to federate energies, to generate ideas and solutions, to add value to the work realized in the studied areas, to produce strong results under the aegis of the UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the United Nations. 





   Objectives of the Millennia2025 Foundation Women and Innovation, PUF



In order to reach its goals and to organize the international conferences, Millennia2025 needs to gather fundings. Due to the economic crisis, some significant financial supports active since 2008 have not been renewed yet. Several other fundings sources have been called upon at all levels.


Based on the values detailed in the Millennia2015 Charter, the Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation, international public utility foundation, is dedicated to collect funding in order to implement the activities of the Millennia2015 foresight research process led by The Destree Institute for gender equality and women's empowerment. It is in charge of their implementation and of monitoring the action plans with the local partner organisations of Millennia2025.


To this end, working closely with the Destree Institute, the Millennia2025 Foundation will mainly raise funding to finance the action plans resulting from the foresight exercise presented at the UNESCO in December 2012; establish partnerships and collaborations with universities, NGOs and private sector, in order to empower women through digital solidarity; provide services, training, consulting, expertise, publications, conferences and seminars in the framework of the objectives of Millennia2025.


The short name of the Foundation is "Millennia2025" and the abbreviation for the new online tools is "M2025".

The URL of the multilingual website is

The URL of the Millennia2025 Foundation is



=> Constitution and bylaws of the Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation (pdf)





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 Millennia2025 Woment and Innovation Foundation  

Women and Innovation Foundation,
Public Utility Foundation


Fondation Millennia2025
Femmes et Innovation,
Fondation d'utilité publique



Institut Destrée - The Destree Institute

The Destree Institute, NGO official partner of
UNESCO (consultative status) and 
in Special consultative status with
the United Nations ECOSOC since 2012 


L'Institut Destrée, ONG partenaire officiel de
l'UNESCO (statut de consultation) et 
en statut consultatif spécial auprès de l'ECOSOC
des Nations Unies depuis 2012




International conference,

with the patronage
of the UNESCO 


Conférence internationale

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