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Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation 


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   Board of Trustees of the Millennia2025 Foundation Women and Innovation, PUF



The Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation has been created within the framework of The Destree Institute with the direct involvement/implication of several of its members (


The Board of trustees of the Foundation Millennia2025 is composed of three founding members:


 v President, founder and Chief executive officer (CEO):

Marie-Anne Delahaut,

director of research at The Destree Institute, head of the Informations Society Unit, head and founder of Millennia2015;


 v Scientific Director, founder and Chief operation officer (COO):

Véronique Thouvenot,

MBA, Ph.D, evaluation expert at the ITU and the WHO in eHealth, eLearning and Telemedicine, Head of Millennia2015 "Women and eHealth"(WeHealth) International Working Group and of Millennia2015 Global network "Women and Telemedicine" (WeTelemed);


 v Administrator:
  Jacques Brassinne de La Buissière, Honorary president of The Destree Institute.


The treasurers are Marie-Anne Delahaut and Véronique Thouvenot.


The act Constitution for the Millennia2025 Foundation was signed by its Board of Directors with Mr Pierre-Yves Erneux, notary in Namur on Tuesday, April 17, 2012. The act of amendment of the bylaws of the International Public Utility Foundation was signed in the same condition on Friday August 28, 2015. 





   Administrative information



The Foundation is constituted under the following name: Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation, Public utility foundation; abbreviated: Millennia2025 Foundation (PUF). Legal personality was granted by Royal Decree WL22/16.164 on the 26 May 2012. The bylaws have been published in the Belgian official review "Le Moniteur belge", 7 June 2012.


The Millennia2025 Foundation has the status of International Public Utility Foundation.


The Enterprise Number is 846.420.812.


The Millennia2025 Foundation will enable donors to benefit from a tax reduction.


The headquarters of the Millennia2025 Foundation is 9/4, avenue Louis Huart, B 5000 Namur, Wallonia (Belgium).


Bank details of Millennia2025 Foundation are:

     IBAN of the account : BE07 0688 9496 4766
     Country : Belgium


All the data of the Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation is published on its website:







Marie-Anne Delahaut:

    delahaut.marie-anne [at] - delahaut.marie-anne [at]
    Tel. : +32.495.213.981. 


Véronique Thouvenot

    thouvenot.veronique [at] - thouvenot.veronique [at]

    Geneva Office, Switzerland

    Skype: vthouvenot  -  Twitter: @Vthouvenot  - - - #M2025 - @Millennia2015





   A few pictures




Millennia2015 Conference at the UNESCO, Paris, 3 December 2012

Marie-Anne Delahaut and Véronique-Inès Thouvenot





The Millennia2025 Board of Trustees at the International Conference Millennia2015 "An action plan for women's empowerment"
with the patronage of the UNESCO at its Headquarters, Paris, 3-6 December 2012

Marie-Anne Delahaut - Millennia2025 - UNESCO, Paris




Creation of the Millennia2015 Women and Innovation Foundation, PUF, and signature of its bylaws , Namur, 17 April 2012:

Mr Pierre-Yves Erneux, notary, Marie-Anne Delahaut, Jacques Brassinne de La Buissière, Coumba Sylla (administrator > February 2014)


Creation of Millennia2025



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 Millennia2025 Woment and Innovation Foundation  

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