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Methodology of the Millennia2015 Foresight Research Process 



=> Millennia2015 projects


=> Millennia2015 Knowledge database


This methodology is developed by Marie-Anne Delahaut, director of research at The Destree Institute and head of Millennia 2015, and Philippe Destatte, director general of The Destree Institute (Wallonia), Associated Professor in charge of the Foresight course at the Universities of Paris-Diderot and Reims-Champagne-Ardenne.



It has been validated by Millennia 2015 Steering Committee and benefited in 2009 from the comments of Rosa AlegriaCornelia Daheim, Nicole DewandreDilek ElverenAugustina EniayejuElizabeth FlorescuAnne-Rachel InnéGeci Karuri-SebinaJan Lee Martin, Eleonora MasiniFrançoise Massit-FolléaIvana MilojevićConcepción OlavariettaSawsan Sadek et Véronique Thouvenot.


 The Millennia2015 Foresight process



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Millennia2015 Foresight Methodology 2012


=> The vision of Millennia2015






   Foresight Methodology of Millennia2015


=> Millennia2015 Foresight methodology: Outlines 2008-2013

       Marie-Anne Delahaut and Coumba Sylla

      (23 pages, 1,6 Mo) - 22.10.2013.


=> Foresight Methodology of Millennia2015

     Download the pdf file (Final version, 23 pages, 3 Mo) - 16.10.2009.



=> Millennia2015 UNESCO, Rapport 2009-2010 du processus de recherche prospective
       préparatoire à la conférence internationale 2011

     Marie-Anne Delahaut and Coumba Sylla

     (466 pages,  3,5 Mo) - 22.07.2010

     - Présentation of Millennia2015 Foresight Research Process (Fr); 
     - Annex 1 : Sequences of the Millennia IT2008 (Information Transfer) 62 interventions and the 321 source-variables (Fr/En);
     - Annex 2 : Formulation of Millennia2015 37 variables on the basis of the 321 source-variables (Fr/En);

       Method, classification and occurrences (Fr);
     - Annex 3 : Fiches variables (Fr).



=> Millennia2015 UNESCO, Rapport 2010 du processus de recherche prospective préparatoire 
     à la conférence internationale "Millennia2015, Un plan d'action pour l'autonomisation

    des femmes" organisée par l'UNESCO et l'Institut Destrée en 2012

    Marie-Anne Delahaut et Coumba Sylla

    (300 pages, 8,2 Mo) - 27.02.2011

- Présentation de Millennia2015, Femmes actrices de développement pour les enjeux mondiaux  
  (FR, EN, ES, DE, IT);

- Exercice de prospective de Millennia2015 KP2010 : Guide d'analyse prospective des 37 variables de Millennia2015

  (FR, EN, ES, DE, IT);

- Millennia2015, femmes actrices d'un monde numérique solidaire (FR, EN);

- Millennia2015, Women actors of development for the global challenges at the Millennium Project Planning Committee (EN);

- Millennia2015, "Un plan d'action pour l'autonomisation des femmes", lancement de la conférence internationale
  en collaboration avec l'UNESCO (FR);

- Contributions de la Communauté Millennia2015 Goma-RDC, de la Communauté Millennia2015 Sénégal et
  du Groupe de travail international Millennia2015 Femmes et eSanté (WeHealth).






   In summary: three Levels of Foresight Research


   Millennia 2015 Process is built with Foresight as a method. The three sessions are developing their work on this basis: 


 Millennia2025 2008-2015 Process




   2008 - Information Transfer


Exchange and transmission of data as well as of analysis already collected or built, used to inform the participants or to question the society.

   2012 - Knowledge Processes


Interactive building processes, step-by-step, for an innovative knowledge and a strategy made of precise actions. 

   2017: Intelligence Platforms


Collective dynamics of real field experiences exchanges and recombination of tools realized in order to learn together as well as to launch innovative initiatives.






The first Millennia 2015 international conference has been successfully organized in Liege Convention Centre on the 7 and 8 March 2008. The second session took place in Paris in December 2012 with the patronage of the UNESCO, and the third one in New York (in collaboration with the United Nations) in 2020. 


This methodological process is developed with the advice of Philippe Destatte, Director general of The Destree Institute (Wallonia), Associated Professor at Paris 7 Denis Diderot University. 


Throughout the three steps, Millennia2015 publishes the evolution of its work and update the knowledge database:


=> Millennia2025 projects


=> Millennia2025 Knowledge database





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