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Video interview of José Coté (flash required)


See the new TAVIE WOMEN flyer here


TAVIE Adherence to Treatment (English)


Improving adherence to antiretrovirals with TAVIE HIV (english)


Article : Les infirmières et infirmiers du Canada prêts à exercer un leadership en santé numérique


TAVIE present at the Women Leaders Forum, New York, 27 September 2013




Project leader


José Côté, inf.,PhD.
Tenured Professor
Holder of the Research Chair and Professor, Research Chair in Innovative Nursing Practices
Université de Montréal, CRCHUM





Project description



See the TAVIE website here


VIH-TAVIE™: a personalized virtual nursing intervention.

The aim of VIH-TAVIE™ is to enable people living with HIV to incorporate the therapeutic regimen into their daily routine, to cope with the side effects of medication, to handle situations or circumstances that might interfere with medication intake, to interact with health professionals, and to mobilize social support. The VIH-TAVIE™ intervention consists of four computer sessions each 20-30 minutes long, in which the user interacts with an animated “virtual” nurse (in French or English). The nurse guides the individual through a process of learning about the aptitudes required to optimize treatment adherence.


The ultimate objective of the VIH-TAVIE™ project is to make support available to people living with HIV at all times and at their convenience in order to help them develop the skills needed to meet the challenges inherent to their health condition.








Collaboration with the WeObservatory



Millennia2015 Charter signed on:

- PR and project dissemination online and through the Millennia2015 network;

- Communication with the Millenia2015 Network and French-speaking communities in DRC, Congo, Benin, Mauritius as well as identification of groups or countries likely to benefit from the VIH-TAVIE web application;

- Publications;

- Presentations at international conferences.





Activities for 2013-2014



- Cultural adaptation of the videos and interactive sessions for French-speaking Africa to facilitate the monitoring of HIV patients undergoing HAART;

- Promote the availability and value of the VIH-TAVIE virtual intervention through the Millennia2015 network and communities for people living with HIV.




Contacts and partnerships


- International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH -

- Women's Leader Forum (

- 360Medlink Inc. (Claire Kamoun, BSc., M.A. Global Director of Patient Engagement and Adherence Optimization :

- UNFM/RAFT (Université Numérique Francophone Mondiale,

- Communautés Millennia2015 en Afrique francophone





- Identification of groups or countries likely to benefit from VIH-TAVIE web application, based on criteria including access to the Internet (libraries, clinics or dispensaries) and literacy level. Organizations can put a computer at the disposal of less fortunate people in order for them to follow the distance learning and be supported by the virtual nurse in their learning.

- Finalize an adaptation of VIH-TAVIE for French-speaking Africa

- Strengthening women's capabilities to attend four interactive computerized sessions (15-20 min / each). The videos clearly explain the process, but at several occasions, participants must answer "yes" or "no" to the questions asked to them by the virtual nurse, select from a list the names of medications they are taking as well as indicate the daily dosing.

- Strengthening nurses' skills to support patients in French-speaking Africa

- Improving the therapeutic adherence of patients with HIV in French-speaking Africa to improve outcome and quality of life.





Links and references


Site Web:
- Côté J. et al. (2012a). Evaluation of a real-time virtual intervention to empower persons living with HIV to use therapy self- management: study protocol for an online randomized controlled trial. Trials. Oct;13:187.

- Côté J. et al. (2012b). Acceptability and feasibility of a virtual intervention to help people living with HIV manage their daily therapies. J Telemed Telecare. 18(7):409-12

- Ramirez-Garcia, P., & Côté, J. (2012). An individualized intervention to foster optimal antiretroviral treatment-taking behavior among persons living with HIV: a pilot randomized controlled trial. J Assoc Nurses AIDS Care. 23(3):220-32

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- Ramirez-Garcia, P., & Côté, J. (2009). Development of a nursing intervention to facilitate optimal antiretroviral-treatment taking among people living with HIV.
Video :

- Le Bureau Recherche Développement Valorisation, en collaboration avec Forum en clips, lance une série de capsules illustrant l'importance du transfert des résultats de la recherche en milieu universitaire. Voici la première de six capsules, créée à l'occasion de la Journée mondiale du sida. Le projet VIH-TAVIE est une application Web de soutien aux personnes atteintes du VIH. Une infirmière virtuelle aide les patients à mieux intégrer la prise d'antirétroviraux à leur quotidien. La chercheuse principale, José Côté, la coordonnatrice du projet, Geneviève Rouleau, et le participant à la recherche, William Price, présentent cet outil qui a nécessité des années de travail.

ð Mieux gérer la prise d'antirétroviraux grâce à VIH-TAVIE

- Les projets finalistes dans la catégorie Les TI au service de la société - 250 employés et moins du Concours OCTAS 2012

ð 11 Les TI au service de la société - 250 employés et moins »





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