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The Millennia2025 Foundation, member of the Réseau belge de Fondations asbl  


 Fondation Millennia2025 Femmes et Innovation, FUPu  RBF_logo



The Millennia2025 Foundation is member of the Réseau belge de Fondations and takes part in the differents event organized by the organization (workshops, meetings, exhibitions, etc).



   The Réseau belge de Fondations asbl



 The Réseau belge de Fondations gathers more than 80 active foundations of all areas in Belgium. It gathers public utility foundations, private foundations and foreign foundations.

The Réseau wants to create conditions and environment favourable to development of philanthropy and growth of this sector in our society.

For that purpose, the Réseau organizes working groups for members:
- working group on "governance";
- working group on "rights of foundations";
- working group on "finances, accounting and insurance"
and workshops


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 Objectives of the Réseau belge de Fondations asbl



The Réseau aims at making foundations area more transparent.

In order to help foundations working in optimal conditions, the Réseau want to defend interests of its members by:
- opening a platform for exchanges to develop a network of expertise thanks to meetings, conferences, workshops and visits;
- encouragning communication on members activities to the general public with the creation of a centre of documentation and 
  the management of studies, inquiries and inventories;

- representing common interests of its members before the public authorities and all institutions;

- giving advice about creation and development of a foundation


   Les événements du Réseau belge de Fondations asbl


=> Salon Zénith from 17 to 21 November 2013, Brussels Expo, Brussels






Réseau belge de Fondations abl

place des Barricades, 9 - 1000 Bruxelles
Tél: +32 2 214 01 31






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