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A concrete action of the

Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation 


Millennia2025 Solidarity-Women

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The concrete actions of
the Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation, PUF


Millennia2025 Solidarity-Women:

Solidarity with women in precarious situations



 L'action concrète

Millennia2025 Solidari-Femmes

 La conférence-action

du 25 avril 2015 à l'Université de Namur
 Les partenaires

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=>  Millennia2025 Solidarity-Women Statement to the 59th Commission on the Status of Women,
       UN Women and the United Nations ECOSOC


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   Reminder of the process of Millennia2015


The foresight research process called Millennia2015 Women actors of development for the global challenges, created in 2007, led to the Action Plan for Women's Empowerment sketched with the patronage of UNESCO at the International Conference, 3-4 in December 2012 in Paris, and constantly strengthened by field partners.


Six strategic axes, designed to meet the macro-issues and to reach the vision of Millennia2015 formulated by the Millennia2015 Voluntary Researchers' Network by 2025, are implemented through the concrete actions proposed by the network.


The objective of the Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation is to achieve these concrete actions and action plans in favor of women and girls in the concerned countries, for their empowerment and for gender equality.

   Motivation of Millennia2025 Solidarity-Women


Many women face daily precarious situations, earning less than one thousand euros per month in the heart of Europe: women head of single-parent families, mothers working at home, working women with children, part-time employees or working in the informal sector, women suffering from long-term unemployment, disabled women or women with handicaps, elderly women in difficulty of health or destitute.


The invoices of the resources suppliers (electricity, water, heating, health, transport, mutual insurances, healthcare, catering, administration, housing, ...) are a real burden and children also suffer from this vulnerability.


Partnership with generic suppliers will reduce bills for these courageous women, in order to generate citizen solidarity funds and create an educational emulation to better use the family resources.

 Millennia2025 Solidarit-Women

Gender equality benefits everyone, not just women. It is an accelerator of political, economic and social transformations, which boosts the strength.


Ms Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, Inaugural lecture, International conference Millennia2025 "An action plan for women's empowerment, Paris, UNESCO, 03.12.2012.


Participate as :



Millennia2025 Solidari-Femmes - Fournisseurs

Suppliers of
goods and





Millennia2025 Solidari-Femmes - Femmes en précarité

Women in precarious situations




Millennia2025 Solidari-Femmes - Partenaires

and financial partners

You are suppliers of electricity, water, telephony, internet, ...  You are a single woman with children, jobless, unemployed or part-time ... You are sensitive to women's empowerment and gender equality by fighting against poverty
You are health care managers, providers of mutual insurance and pharmaceutical products, ...
You are a woman with a disability, with reduced mobility, elderly, with health problem or without resource, ... You are willing to invest in helping women in precarity through a structured financial partnership
You are a financial institution, you are owners or managers of social housing, you are retailers or shopkeepers, ... You are an association or institution active for equality and helping women in difficulty, ... You are ready to invest in Millennia2025 Solidarity-Women as sponsor ...

Contribute to Solidarity-Women by implementing special discounts to women linving in poverty: sign up now ...

Subscribe to Solidarity-Women and participate in our research to achieve our help system ...

Contact us, your generosity will help us to build a strong support system to help these women out of poverty


=> Your motivation for Millennia2025 Solidarity-Women and its added value



Millennia2025 Solidarity-Women contributes to the UN Millennium Development Goals:


     MDG 1. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger; 

     MDG 3. To promote gender equality and empowering women;

     MDG 5. To improve maternal health; 

     MDG 7. To ensure environmental sustainability;
     MDG 8. To develop a global partnership for development.


The project management will be coordinated with the suppliers participating in the project. Independently of the Millennia2025 Foundation, companies will reduce costs for women that have been identified as living in precarious situation. The financing of the action will be possible thanks to the contributions and generosity of the companies' clients who act in solidarity with women in precarious situations.


The personal data of those persons will remain confidential in the company database. No financial transaction will be done between the suppliers and the Millennia2025 Foundation. Sponsors and financial partners who agree to finance a part of Millennia2025 Solidarity-Women (research and implementation) will be valued in all the promotion and implementation tools of the concrete action on the long run, while benefiting of the quality label and added value of the action.



=> Millennia2015 Solidarity-Women also needs the voluntary collaboration of
research centers, universities, NGOs and researchers: contact us and welcome!



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