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Millennia2025 WeObservatory Events




Upcoming Events







The Millennia2025 Foundation and the WeObservatory organise the Gender Session, 29 September, 8:30 - 9:30





Past Events







Véronique Thouvenot présentera les projets de l'Observatoire


Programme Préliminaire du congrès


Présentation de Millennia2025 au Sidiief disponible ici



Dr. Véronique Thouvenot

Clean birth kits presentation by Dr. Véronique Thouvenot

Presentation in front of a roomful !

Skype for Vétérans project presentation

José Côté, inf.,PhD. (TAVIE)

TAVIE project presentation

Stand 360Medlink, one of our partners

Dr. Véronique Thouvenot & José Côté, inf.,PhD

Skype girls !

Dr. Véronique Thouvenot & Tea the duckling on the stand







Full program available here.


Presentation of the WeMOOCs 2015 by Dr Lilia Perez-Chavolla on 27 May, 3.30 - 5.00 pm


WeMOOCs featured in CRS ICT4D Blog







IND 2015, 12 May 2015, Sanofi Headquarters, Paris, France
The WeObservatory participates to IND 2015


Read the Nurses Perception Survey conducted in 12 countries


Doyna Zharavina, Head of the WeBlog, is Top Contributor


Norma Grau (Teo The Duckling : participates at IND 2015 in Spain


Launch of Tea The Duckling at IND 2015, SANOFI Headquarters, Paris, and Tea la Patita





Chinomso Ibe, Nurse and CEO Traffina Foundation, Abuja, Nigeria, featured at Sanofi Headquarters, Paris, France.
Presentation of the Clean Birth Kits and Mum's Phone of Zero Mothers Die.








The WeObservatory organises the Special Session on Women, 23 April, 11:00 - 13:00


JISfTeH Special Theme on Women in eHealth, April 2015


Report of the Women Session 2015











Présentation des projets du WeObservatory, le 25 Novembre
Découvrez le programme











Presentation of the WeObservatory and Zero Mothers Die, 18 November
WIL- Women in Leadership - Women in ICT: Transforming our Digital Future
Discover the program









The WeObservatory and Zero Mothers Die participate to the Women Leaders Forum 2014, 22 September,

United Nations, New York, USA.






Dr. Véronique Thouvenot
Co-Founder, Millennia2025 Foundation

Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons
CEO and Founder, UniversalDoctor

Doyna Zharavina
Project Manager for eHealth in Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia at the WeObservatory


GSDF Launch Gala 22/09/2014 Albums


Women Leaders Forum, F4D and other events in NYC (Albums)


Visit Zero Mothers Die website page about the event


Article about Zero Mothers Die on UNAIDS Website


Article About Zero Mothers Die in Newsweek





ICN eHealth Programme Meeting, Geneva 9-10 September 2014


The WeObservatory is invited to contribute to the ICN Telenursing Network





Round Table on Innovation for Women's Health, 20 May 2014, Geneva





Opening Event


Dr. Marie-Charlotte Bouësseau
Adviser, Service Delivery and Safety, World Health Organization
Presentation : Innovation and respectful care for women's health, Fully available here.


Dr. Véronique Thouvenot
Co-Founder, Millennia2025 Foundation
Presentation : The Women Observatory for eHealth, Fully available here.


Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons
CEO and Founder, UniversalDoctor
Presentation : UniversalWomen Speaker & UniversalNurse Speaker


Mr. Laurent Dieterich
Bus. Architect, Secure Collaboration
Presentation : Secure Collaboration, Fully available here.


Pr. Yunkap Kwankam
CEO Global eHealth Consultants
Presentation : An environment for scaling up innovations: The Global Knowledge Commons for m-eHealth, Fully available here.


Dr. Line Kleinebrel
President, UNFM
Presentation : Since 2005 e-Health in Africa, Fully available here.


Mrs. Phyllis Zimmer
President, Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation


Connecting Nurses Ceremony Award
Mrs. Phyllis Zimmer, Mrs. Marie Seignobos, Mrs. Sylvie Coumel


Mrs. Marie-Anne Delahaut
CEO and Founder, Foundation Millennia2025 Women and innovation, PuF
Presentation : Way Forward 2025
Presentation : Highlights

More pictures

Mrs. Marie Seignobos








During the event, 900 nurses visited to watch the webcast from all over the world including France (24%), India (18%), the US (13%), the UK (5%), and South Africa (4%). Out of the total 21,182 tweets related to IND on the 12th of May, @ConnectingNurse pushed out 34 tweets during the live webcast. Despite the high volume of conversation on the day, @ConnectingNurse's tweets were retweeted 53 times and favourited 32 times. Additionally, @ConnectingNurses was mentioned 12 times in tweets from other accounts.


What does this all mean? @ConnectingNurse's tweets reached approximately 50,000 Twitter accounts across the world, which resulted in @ConnectingNurses tweets being seen by Twitter users over 130,000 times. And the most retweeted content was related to the Care Challenge winners which is testimony to the relevance and importance of highlighting Innovative nursing ideas within the nursing community.

 Webcast at




Connecting Nurses Annonce les lauréats 2014







 Report of the Women session


  MedeTel 2014, Special session on Women, Programme

WeObservatory at Medetel 2014


David Manset; Jeannine Lemaire; Jordi Serrano Pons; Sylvie Coumel; Lady Murrugarra; Vjollca Kola; Anna E. Schmaus-Klughammer; Caty Forget; Veronique-Ines Thouvenot; Kristie Holmes; Lenka Lhotska






  The WeObservatory invited to the WHO Forum on Policy Dialogue on eHealth Standardization, World Health Organisation, Geneva, 11 - 12 February 2014



Dr V. Thouvenot at the WHO Forum





Dr D. Manset (Gnubila), Dr Isabelle Wachsmuth (WHO EVIPNET), Dr V. Thouvenot, Dr Ousmane Li (ANTIM, Mali)






 Women Leaders Forum in New York, 27 September 2013.

More information here






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