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Creating Innovation for Patients at all ages of life






Presentations at conferences

WeObservatory events

WeObservatory events on our Blog



News at the WeOBlog

Our WeObservatory Blog

WeObservatory activities and achievements 2012 - 2014



The Women Observatory for eHealth, WeObservatory, April 2015

Link here



JISfTeH Special Theme on Women in eHealth, April 2015

Journal of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth

Journal fully available here.












Cloud Babies Tele-Stethoscope (emergencies, maternal and child care, telemedicine, mHealth)






“Saving Babies lives with real time transmission of ultrasounds: “We have designed a stethoscope that attaches to the headphone jack of a normal mobile phone”, Fiona Marlow, nurse, Australia.
Presented at Medetel 2015 in Luxembourg, and Millennia Annual Conference 2015 in Namur:


News at the WeOBlog

Teo the Duckling (diabetes, chronic care, online video education)






“Children must incorporate diabetes into their daily life, but it is not easy at the age of 4-6 years old. To include the illness into their daily life activities and avoid stigmatization have been the key factors that pushed us to create this story” Norma Grau, nurse and author of Teo The Duckling, Spain.


All stories and videos of Teo and Tea available here in English, Spanish and Catalan


News of the Tea's launching at the WeOBlog


News of Teo at the WeOBlog












Hygiene Kits and Disaster Preparedness for Pregnant Adolescents (emergencies, maternal and child care)






“The hygiene kit is in line with the standards of Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP) for Reproductive Health in humanitarian crisis. One kit costs 650 pesos (15 USD). We see the need to improve the socioeconomic status of the young pregnant mothers as this is linked to their disaster preparation as well as their overall welfare. I remember one mother said how would they be able to think about disasters if their present needs are not even addressed”.
Reigner Jireh D. Antiquera, nurse and CEO of AYNLA, Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders & Advocates International Inc. (AYNLA), Manilla, Philippines.

A special contribution for emergencies is provided to pregnant adolescents (15 to 19 years old) facing the consequences of the typhoon Haygan in Philippines: Emergency Kits and Maternal Health Trainings for Young Mothers living in Smokey Mountain, Manilla. Distribution of set kits, continuous training sessions and consultations with local nurses.












Web-based Guideline on Mental Health for Patient Therapeutical Nursing Plans in Congo DR (French)







Mental Health remains unrecognized in many places. Nurses in Quebec have elaborated therapeutic guidelines to ensure adequate and qualitative care for these patients. The guideline on consumption of psychoactive substances has been adapted to the local context of mental healthcare in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo,with the contribution of Millennia members and mental health experts of the Centre Neuro Psycho Pathologique of the University of Kinshasa (CNPP/UNIKIN).


News at the WeOBlog



TAVIE WOMEN (Chronic Care, patient empowerment, virtual nurse)



A virtual Nurse for women living with HIV in Canada to improve treatment adherence along their lives. Short videos and online counselling provide peer to peer communication.




Dr. Véronique Thouvenot & José Côté, Research Chair in Innovative Nursing Practices Université de Montréal, CRCHUM


News at the WeOBlog, discover the virtual nurse


News at the WeOBlog, learn more about the virtual nurse optimizing treatment adherence




Online Technical Manual for nursing videos to improve patients care in Spain and Mexico (Spanish)







This program provides continuous capacity building to nurses through the development and use of short videos. The methodological manual is published to assist nurses to elaborate their own videos. Available in Spanish, the manual and videos are planned to be included in online courses for the Centro para los Adolescentes de San Miguel de Allende A.C. (CASA) in Mexico, and later on, in Central and South American countries.


Programa de Partería en Línea


CASA, Mexico, Partería en línea haciendo uso de las Tecnología de la Información y la Comunicación (TIC's): Estrategia eficiente para promover el cuidado de la salud de las poblaciones.






Online course on ICTs for midwifery (Spanish) (maternal and child health, online education)



The online course on “ICT for Midwifery” introduces the participant to key information and communication technologies (ICT) and applications adopted by the healthcare sector, focusing on those used to monitor, inform and improve the maternal and infant care provided by healthcare professionals, and midwives in particular, in Latin America.
The online course consists of eight modules. The first five modules constitute the core of the course, covering key topics of mHealth, telemedicine, eLearning, multilingualism, internet tools, and research.
The ICT for Midwifery course includes references to relevant publications in Spanish and English, a glossary and a list of acronyms.


Online midwifery program


Video here (in Spanish)





e-Prevention in Latin America and Caribbean



The primary benefit of telemedicine stems from facilitating remote access to Health Prevention and care. With ePrevention, the WeObservatory contributes to field trips, local investigations in communities and telemedicine courses made available to remote communities to train healthcare professionals on tropical medicine, treatment of dengue, HIV and leishmaniasis. A joint publication is planned in 2015.





Graduation of Lady Murrugarra and ePrevention by Telefonica.



A survey on the status of ICT access and health-related use among healthcare workers from selected countries, August 2014 (English)


Field Trip and Investigation, Janurary 2014


Field Trip Report, Februrary 2014


ePrevencion Tuberculosis


ePrevencion Communities


ePrevencion HIV/AIDS


ePrevencion Telemedicine


Publication in the Special issue of the Journal of the International Society of Telemedicine and eHealth on Women in eHealth, Vol 3, April 2015


News at the WeOBlog


Interview with Lady Murrugarra




Online Platform for Patients living with Sjogren Syndrom in Peru (Spanish) (telehealth, chronic care)



A new (Spanish language) website about Sjögren's syndrome to help patients living with this disease as well as other immune diseases. The team behind the website come from more than 10 medical specialties and share and educate via intranet on prevention of these autoimmune diseases.


Plataforma de Sindrome de Sjogren




50.000 Clean Birth Kits in Northern Nigeria by 2017 (emergencies, maternal and child care, mobile health)







Due to the conflict situation that arose in northern Nigeria, this project plans to product 50.000 Clean Birth Kits, which will be distributed among pregnant mothers until 2017.








Traffina Foundation has distributed Clean Birth Kits in Kobo to pregnant women during a field visit on 4th February 2015.


Photos here


Video here


WeOBlog News






M-health for Pregnant Mothers (SAVE OUR MOTHERS PROJECT)



WeOBlog News about our project


WeOBlog News about the kits distribution in Kogo


WeOBlog News about nurse Chinomnso Ibe selected for 2015 Mandela Washington fellowship


Africa 54, Voice of America's daily Africa television news program, profiled Chinomnso Ibe, a member of Wagner College's 2015 cohort in the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, for its Aug. 7 broadcast. Chinomnso, a civic leader from Abuja, Nigeria, is founder and CEO of the Traffina Foundation for Community Health, which manufactures and distributes a simple, inexpensive kit to ensure the safe, hygienic delivery of babies, especially in areas with no access to health clinics. The story was reported by Philip Alexiou.




Diabetic Foot Care Guide for patients in Kosovo (Albanian) (diabetes)



“With not so expensive methods we achieve good results in prevention and treating Diabetic Foot problems which are very important for developing countries such as Kosovo”.


Vjolka Kola, nurse in Kosovo


Diabetic Foot Care Guide for patients, now available here.
By Vjollca Kola




Femmes migrantes avec interprétariat communautaire (French) (multilingualism, online research)



Réseaux internationaux et veille documentaire multilingue pour renforcer l'interprétariat communautaire en 28 langues.


Liste des langues












Patient support Telehealth Research Programme: Internet-based Telehealth Usability among the Elderly in Philippines (elderly, telehealth)






The Our Lady of Fatima University, in Valenzuela City, Philippines, is investigating the views of the elderly regarding lifelong learning through telehealth technologies. With the WeObservatory five additional studies address internet use and gaming tools for healthcare among aging women and pregnant women in Filipino communities.The results of the studies are planned to be presented in international conferences in 2015.

News at the WeOBlog




Methodological Guide to implement the SKYPE practice with an older clientele Guide méthodologique pour implanter la pratique SKYPE auprès d'une clientèle âgée (elderly, distant communication)



Two nurses in Quebec, Canada, develop a system of communication using Skype that allows residents, regardless of their level of cognition, to virtually interact and bond with families and loved ones across generations who live anywhere in the world, without leaving the comfort and familiarity of their own room.
They share their experience and recommendations in a virtual guide in French and English.



Interested to use Skype to connect your patients with their families, read here the Methodological Guide


Interessé par Skype pour connecter vos patients avec leurs familles, suivez le Guide Méthodologique



Claire Babin and Lorraine La France, authors of the guide.






WeObservatory Apps






Web and mobile Multilingual Communication Tool: Nurses improving multilingual communication with their patients (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Romanian)








The WeObservatory is supporting the development of innovative healthcare solutions that address multilingualism, a key barrier to women's access to healthcare information. Universal Nurses facilitates multilingual communication between nurses and their patients in six languages.





Web and mobile Multilingual Communication Tool: Midwives improving multilingual communication with their patients (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Romanian)







A new multilingual mobile application providing medical translations on pregnancy, childbirth and overall maternal health in six different languages, that facilitates communication between midwives and pregnant women.







Trainings and MOOCs






Patients Empowerment



WePatients provides information on eHealth projects focused on patient empowerment along the stages of life, as well as resources, publications and patients' stories in three languages: English, French and Spanish.



News at the WeOBlog




Selection of online courses on Patient Healthcare (English, French and Spanish)


News at the WeOBlog







Mentoring is a recognized powerful instrument to motivate girls to study engineering, telecommunication or informatics for health. Women reaching high-level positions provide an incentive for young girls by giving the positive image of exciting jobs.









Book on ICTs and health in Latin America and the Caribbean (Spanish) 


WeTelemed the global network of women in telemedicine (French)





THE WOMEN OBSERVATORY FOR eHEALTH, Activities and Achievements, 2012 – 2014





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