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 Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation 



 Objectives and method of Millennia2015



    Genesis  |   Chronological milestones   |   Women 1908-2008  | =>  Foresight research process   | =>  Logo


The process Millennia2015 Women actors of development for the global challenges is building up since 2008, based on digital solidarity, for equality between women and men, women's empowerment and their full participation in political, economic and social décisions, in complementary equality with men, in order to build fairer and ethical futures by 2025.    




   The first four international conferences

Millennia2015, Women actors of development for the global challenges  


=> Millennia2015,Women actors of development for the global challenges

Millennia2015, Phase of the Information Transfer (IT2008) 


Institut Destrée / The Destree Institute

Convention Centre, Liège 

07-08 March 2008



Millennia2015, The foresight exercise 


=>  Foresight analysis of the 37 variables of Millennia2025 

+ Special Women and eHealth Session

Millennia2015, Phase of the Knowledge Process (KP2011) 


Institut Destrée / The Destree Insitute

Ecole des Mines, Paris 

21 November 2011 



  Millennia2025, An Action plan for women's empowerment 


=> Millennia2015, An action plan for women's empowerment

Millennia2015, Phase of the Knowledge Process (KP2012) 


The Destree Institute with the Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation, with the patronage of the UNESCO,

UNESCO Headquarters, Paris 

03-04, 05-06 December 2012  


Millennia2025 Solidari-Femmes, Université de Namur, 2015 



=>  Concrete action Millennia2025 Solidarity-Women

Millennia2025, Phase of the Intelligence Platforms (IP2015) 



Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation with The Destree Institute,

University of  Namur

25 April 2015 



=>  in preparation: Millennia2025, Activation and results of the Action Plan

     Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation, United Nations, New York, 2020





   Genesis of Millennia 2015



In the context of its missions, The Destree Institute participates in the World Summit on the Information Society whose innovative concept includes all the stakeholders in its works organized by the United Nations. On the occasion of its sessions in Geneva in 2003 and in Tunis in 2005, Marie-Anne Delahaut, director of research at The Destree Institute and head of its Information Society Unit, has developed a research about "Foresight and governance of the internet" with and international conference, a book and a DVD-book presented to the WSIS in Tunis with the support of the International Organization of La Francophonie.


This work has led Marie-Anne Delahaut to understand the plight of many women at all levels in the world: she has build the idea of a foresight research process on the theme of "Women actors of development for the global challenges ". Active in the basic team of the project, Françoise Massit-Folléa named it "Millennia" and we decided to align our timeline to "2015" in ligne with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and with the WSIS, to which Millennia2015 contributesPhilippe Destatte has developed the foresight methodology structured by Marie-Anne Delahaut, in partnership with the Millennium Project. The Community of Millennia2015 is growing and gathers exerts from all countries and from the United Nations.


The UNESCO Director General, Mrs Irina Bokova, has decided to recognize The Destree Institute as an NGO in consultative status with the UNESCO. The international conference "Millennia2015, An Action Plan for Women's Empowerment" has been organised by The Destree Institute and the UNESCO at the UNESCO Headquarters on Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 December 2012. Foresight research methodology qualifying trainings and specific meetings were organized on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 December at the UNESCO.



   Chronological milestones 



 => Millennia2025 Timeline 


8 mars



Annonce de Millennia 2015 lors de la conférence de Marie-Anne Delahaut, présidente du Chapitre Wallonie de l'Internet Society (ISOC) à l'ISOC France à Paris;

8 mars



Inauguration du Comité scientifique 2008 de Millennia 2015;

7-8 mars 2008


Première conférence internationale de Millennia 2015, étape du "transfert d'informations", au Palais des Congrès de Liège;

25 juillet



Présentation des travaux de Millennia 2015 et de la méthodologie prospective de Millennia 2015 au Planning Committee du Millennium Project à Minneapolis;

8 mars



Inauguration du Comité de pilotage 2011 de Millennia 2015;

7 juillet



Publication de l'étude Delphi en temps réel (Real Time Delphi) "Developments to Improve the Status of Women", Millennia 2015 Global Experts Study pilotée par Theodore J. Gordon et Elizabeth Florescu du Millennium Project;

16 octobre



 Présentation globale de la méthodologie prospective de Millennia 2015 avalisée par son Comité de pilotage;

3 mars



Présentation de "Millennia 2015 : Femmes actrices d'un monde numérique solidaire" lors de la 54ème Commission sur le Statut des Femmes des Nations Unies à New York commémorant "Pékin + 15", avec l'appui de l'Organisation internationale de la Francophonie;


8-11 juillet 2010

 Participation de Millennia2015 au Planning Committee du Millennium Project : présentations de "Millennia2015 and The Millennium Project, a continued collaboration towards 2015" et de "Millennia2015 Foresight Exercise: Formulation of the 37 variables on the basis of the 321 source-variables" avec réunion spécifique des membres de Millennia2015 lors de la conférence internationale de la World Future Society, Boston, Ma, USA;


juin-novembre 2010

Travail de recherche sur le corpus de l'étape "Transfert d'informations" (IT2008) de Millennia2015, extraction des 37 variables, construction de l'exercice de prospective de l'étape "Processus de connaissance" (KP2010) de Millennia2015, présentation sur le portail en 5 langues (français, anglais, espagnol, allemand et italien) par l'équipe de Millennia2015


8 décembre


Conférence de Presse à l'occasion du lancement de la Conférence internationale “Millennia 2015, Un plan d'action pour l'autonomisation des femmes” organisée courant 2012 par la Division pour l'égalité des genres, Cabinet de la Directrice générale de l'UNESCO et l'Institut Destrée, Millennia 2015, le 8 décembre 2010 à Paris, en présence Madame Gülser Corat, Directrice de la Division pour l'égalité des genres, Cabinet de la Directrice générale de l'UNESCO, et Représentante de la Directrice générale;


10  July 2011

Participation of Millennia2015 at the Millennium Project Planning Committee  : presentation of "Millennia2015, an action plan for women's empowerment" with a specific meeting with the Millennia2015 members during the international conference of the World Future Society, Vancouver, Canada;


21 November 2011 

Millennia2015 international seminar of research, Ecole des Mines, Paris; 



3 and 4 December 2012  International conference "Millennia2015, an action plan for women's empowerment" under the patronage of the UNESCO, headquarters of the UNESCO, Paris;



=>   Millennia2015 Events 




   Women: 1908-2008, one century of action 



On the 8th of March 1908, the premise of the International Women's Day was born out of the actions of women workers demanding suffrage for women, as well as political, economic and social rights. They also acted against child labour and against the war. The Women's Day was instituted in 1910 and has been celebrated on the 8th of March nearly all over the world ever since, with a recognition by the United Nations in 1977 as a "United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace".


Millennia is a feminine version of "Millennium" and its first session gave us an opportunity for commemorating the United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace, one century after the first massive actions women organized for their human rights on the 8th March 1908.






   Foresight Research Process



More than a new conference, or a new association or a new network, fuelled by new publications and a new website, Millennia is a thni; and action tank that will take the best of all those elements in order to place new milestones to empower women's entrepreneurship at large and on a global level. It is probably the first international process to rely on foresight as a method and the information society as context in exploring and setting priorities for women's future.

With Millennia 2015, we intend to use ICT in order to durably contribute to the wellbeing of all citizens around the world. Millennia 2015 gathers all women and men concerned by those questions, in order, to think, to decide and to act, by 2015, at the horizon 2025.

The process is going on and we plan to impact on the political agenda at all levels.



=>  The Millennia2025 Foresight research process





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