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The Alliance between the Millennia2025 Women & Innovation Foundation and WePROMIS ®

European Commission Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs




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=>  WePROMIS®  Worshop at the Launching conference of the EU Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Lëtzebuerg, Luxembourg, 29.05.2017



 Presenting Millennia2025 - PROMIS in Brussels, 09.03.2015.

Caterina Berbenni-Rehm and Marie-Anne Delahaut presenting Millennia2025 - PROMIS, Brussels, CloudscapeVII, 09.03.2015.


 The Millennia2025 Women & Innovation Foundation (PUF) and PROMIS@Service have entered in alliance with the goal of advising women in precarious situations - the action Millennia2025 Solidarity-Women - among others, through eSkills, knowledge, communication and support with those who do not access communications tools and who nevertheless are drivers of changes. With WePROMIS® as eSkill enabler instrument, the alliance between PROMIS@Service and the Millennia2025 Foundation objective is to achieve the concrete actions resulting from the Millennia2025 Action plan for women's empowerment developed with the patronage of the UNESCO.


Based on digital solidarity and generated since 2008 by The Destree Institute (European research center, NGO official partner of UNESCO and in Special consultative status with the United Nations ECOSOC since 2012), the Millennia2015 foresight research process is structured through three phases: "Information transfer", "Knowledge process" and "Intelligence platforms". The Millennia2025 international voluntary researchers' network is constantly increasing, counting, in September 2014, 1.553 contributors in its Think Tank, 3.917 members and 10.381 contacts in 133 countries or regions. Eager to distinguish themselves as innovative knowledge and innovation providers for their community members, Millennia2025 researchers have found in PROMIS® an instrument that secures transparency and continuous improvement in their organizational processes.


PROMIS@Service, with the support of the European Commission, has developed PROMIS®, a multilingual knowledge and integrated compliance management solution and eBusiness enabler which additionally supports knowledge structuring and sharing, collaboration and communication online. PROMIS® is a Software-as-a-Service and intranet platform of interactive services that allows organizations and institutions to efficiently monitor the legal, external and internal compliance and governance requirements to which they are submitted and, at the same time, to structure their processes and knowledge in a way that results in improved access to customers, better relations with regulatory authorities and financial institutions, improved operations and significant cost reductions.


In the frame of the WePROMIS® pledge made during the European Commission's 3rd Digital Agenda Assembly which took place in Dublin on 19-20 June 2013 and presented to Vice-President Neelie Kroes, the Millennia2025 eMentoring platform powered  by PROMIS® is going to structure, share and transfer knowledge between the Millennia2025 Foundation members.


The alliance brings tangible benefits to the knowledge bearers (Mentors): once structured, the knowledge is IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) protected and can be translated in multiple languages "on the spot", therefore spread/shared at international level. It also brings tangible benefits to young generation and learners (Mentees): to be able to access and understand the knowledge of Mentors selected from other countries in a language different than the native one, and to communicate with them in their mother tongue, in a secure and protected environment.

Millennia2025, powered by PROMIS®, supports women's business start ups and small businesses in order to benefit from cloud based interactive services, Compliance and Governance Tools, multilingual content, e-Learning. The alliance between Millennia2025 and PROMIS®Service is going to develop Communities of Knowledge between e-Mentors and e-Mentees, building interactive services that can be shared or sold worldwide within Millennia2025. 


=> See the Millennia2025 Intelligence Platform pyramids and answer the motivation questionnaire



Project managers:

    Marie-Anne Delahaut


President, founder and CEO 
Millennia2025 Women & Innovation Foundation, PUF,
Director of research at The Destree Institute,
in charge of the Information Society Unit

delahaut.marie-anne [at]  -  Phone: +32.495.213.981.
9/4, avenue Louis Huart - B 5000 Namur, Wallonia, Belgium


Caterina Dr. Berbenni-Rehm


Founder and CEO
PROMIS@Service Sarl


Caterina.Berbenni-Rehm [at]   +

Tel:  +352 22 99 99 5102 (secr) * +352 273510 1

GSM: +352 (621) 257358

Autorisation de Commerce Nr. 120823 ° TVA: LU 22636538

26 Boulevard Royal, 6th Floor - L-2449 Luxembourg



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 Millennia2025 Woment and Innovation Foundation  

Women and Innovation Foundation,
Public Utility Foundation


Fondation Millennia2025
Femmes et Innovation,
Fondation d'utilité publique



Institut Destrée - The Destree Institute

The Destree Institute, NGO official partner of
UNESCO (consultative status) and 
in Special consultative status with
the United Nations ECOSOC since 2012 


L'Institut Destrée, ONG partenaire officiel de
l'UNESCO (statut de consultation) et 
en statut consultatif spécial auprès de l'ECOSOC
des Nations Unies depuis 2012




International conference,

with the patronage
of the UNESCO 


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avec le patronage
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