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Save lives, Empower midwives through twin2twin (t2t)






Project name and responsible



Franka Cadée, project lead, programme developer & main researcher
Netherlands, Koninklijke Nederlandse Organisatie van verloskundigen (KNOV)
Utrecht, Netherlands
Funded by the charity midwives4mothers











Project description



Twin2twin is an innovative & sustainable method for empowering midwives, with a core value of reciprocity. The (t2t) project is designed to provide a support network that empowers and strengthens midwives, individually and organizationally. It is a program that builds the foundation necessary for strong and effective midwife organizations, and hence for accessible and quality midwifery care. Furthermore, the sisterly or ‘twin' relationship created by t2t generates leaders that will sustain the profession. Twinning in midwifery was developed by the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) as a way of promoting cooperation on the organizational level. A recent concept Analysis of twinning in healthcare defines twinning as : “A cross cultural reciprocal process where two groups of people work together to achieve joint goals.” (F Cadée et. Al 2015 to be published) The t2t method expands this definition by promoting cooperation on a personal level, between individual midwives.









Project Agreement With The WeObservatory



Along the research conducted since 2009, the study groups in Netherlands and experiences with groups of midwives in Sierra Leone and Morocco, the data collection and analysis, technical and expertise in eHealth and mobile applications is provided in order to support the development of a twin2twin tool kit and mobile application by 2018 for global use.







Planned Activities 2016



-    Preparation and publication of the webpage of the project at the WeObservatory website

-    Information of the collaboration at the Blog of the WeObservatory:

-    Identification and selection of the components of the tool kit and mobile application

-    Presentation at International conferences, Women Deliver 2016, Medetel 2016, Global Forum 2016, ICM 2017

-    Preparation of publications







Contacts and Collaborations



ISfTeH – International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth – Working Group on Women -

MEDETEL 2015, Luxembourg, 22 – 24 April 2015 -

Global Forum:

Women's Leader Forum -







Links and documents









- WeObservatory:/weobs_achievements


- Connecting Midwives:


- Fondation Sanofi Espoir:


- UniversalWomen :






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