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-CSW61 CoAction Statements

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 UN Women  CSW61


CSW61 CoAction: Women Determined to Win Equality!


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v  We propose 3 immediate concrete actions for CSW61:

1. Twitter is the best reading of some so-called leaders, let's tweet for the CSW61: we propose to all use the same hashtag #CSW61CoAction (see motivation below). We will address it to @UN_Women.


2. We propose to use and promote a common slogan: "Women determined to win equality!";

we will include it in a tweet common to us all. The idea is to tweet it from all over the world during the CSW61, with at least one chosen momentum when all the tweets would be promoted by those of us present at the United Nations in New York; the huge number of our tweets would be impressive for tweet's listeners in order to promote our action...


3. Our tweets will link to this webpage where we will all present our opinions, decisions and statements, related to women's rights situations in our own countries. All these important elements will be linked to our common Facebook page and other social medias.


The International Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation proposes to organize this action, in coordination with all of you.

... Thank You!





v  Motivation of our action


The sixty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 13 to 24 March 2017. The priority theme is "Women's economic empowerment in the changing world of work"
=> See more at:


Many women will be present there but many will not because of financial or administrative reasonsWe are all nevertheless architects of our futures! We propose to change this situation in 2018, suggesting UN Women to organize the CSW62 in its Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland or in Nairobi, Kenya or in Addis-Abeba, Ethiopia.  


Now, for CSW61, it is urgent to act! Many of us will present a statement. The written statements are already published and translated in UN languages. The Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation with The Destree Institute (Institut Destrée) statement about the concrete action Millennia2025 She4Innovation is published here:




v  Why "CoAction":


"CoAction" is one of the keywords presented in the Memorandum and Resoution of Millennia2025 Solidarity-Women during the International Conference organized at the University of Namur in April 2015.


It is also a very creative concept, as analysed in Women and Leadership Transforming Visions and Diverse Voices, edited by Jean Lau Chin, Bernice Lott, Joy K. Rice and Janis Sanchez -Hucles, Oxford, Blackwell Publishing, 2007, p. 49-50:


"Coaction reflects feminist values of pluralism, recognizing that diverse women (and men) bring different skills, abilities, and values that contribute in different ways. Coaction enables each person to offer what they can and bring their own strengths (personal, interpersonal and group) to the task. Unlike persuading or coercing someone to do a particular behavior, coaction calls for people to self-motivate to act in ways that are appropriate to the people needs, and the call of the situation.


Because coaction is inherently collaborative, it is also relational and process-oriented. To share responsibility for successfully meeting goals, the shared meaning of the goals and the pathway(s) to reaching them must be collaboratively developed. Thus, sufficient time and energy must be devoted to creating (and, over time, re-creating) these meanings. Coaction requires a greater investment in the process, not just the outcome or reward in order to work well together and utilize the diverse strengths and skills brought by multiple people, cofactors must develop strong relationships, devoting the time and energy to understanding each of the people coacting within a particular context/organization. Part of developing this relational process-oriented approach (Jordan, 1992) is attending not only to thought, behavior and goal but also to emotional meanings that provide motivation, feelings of investment, and pride in accomplishment. Emotions can be powerful motivators.


Coaction is socio-politically sensitive: the personal is political (and the political is personal)


To create the collaborative, contextualized experience of coaction that resists the re-enactment of oppressive structures and processes, we must recognize the connections between our personal experiences and interpersonal interactions, and the sociopolitical systems within which we have been socialized and within which we currently interact. These systems shape the goals, organizational structures, and practices of our organizations. While we may need to continue to work within patriarchal structures, we can engage in conscious critique of these structures so that our choices (however constrained) are made with the most awareness possible. And we can, within our own groups, recognize the connections between the personal and the political."





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