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-2018-03-08 - Women Economic Forum Award
-2017-05-29 - EU-Pledger WePROMIS, Luxembourg
-2016-02-20 - UN WSIS Prizes 2016 nominates Millennia2025 Solidarity-Women
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-2011-03-02 - Brussels - 100 Outstanding Women
-2011-02-16 - Brussels - Crans Montana Forum
-2010-12-08 - Paris - UNESCO and Millennia2015
-2010-07 - Boston - Millennia2015 at the MP-PC meeting and WFS conference
-2010-03-03 - New York - CSW54-OIF - Millennia 2015
-2010-03-03 - New York - CSW54-OIF - Millennia 2015 - ICANN
-2010-03 - New York - CSW54-OIF - Synthesis
-2010-03-03 - New York - CSW54-OIF - Millennia 2015 - Photos

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  Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation


Millennia2015 at the Millennium Project and the World Future Society, Boston 2010


Millennia 2015The Millennium Project The Destree Institute


     Millennia2015 at the Millennium Project Planning Committee, Boston, Ma,

06-08 July 2010




Participating to the Millennium Project Planning Committee meeting in Boston as member of its Brussels Area Node, Marie-Anne Delahaut, head of Millennia2015, has presented "Millennia2015, from Information Transfer 2008 to Knowledge Process 2011, a plan of action for women's empowerment at the horizon 2025".


Many members of Millennia2015 were present in Boston (see photos and album below):


- Members of Millennia205 Steering Committee

Rosa Alegria (Brazil), Elizabeth Florescu (Canada), Nadezhda Gaponenko (Russia), Theodore J. Gordon (Connecticut, USA), Zhouying Jin (China), Geci Karuri-Sebina (South Africa), Concepción Olavarrieta (Mexico) and Raquel Zabala (Argentina);


Members of Millennia2015 Community

Catherine Cosgrove (Quebec, Canada), Philippe Destatte (Wallonia, Belgium), Simone de Zio (Italy), Jerome C. Glenn (Washington, DC, USA), Ann Gordon (Connecticut, USA), Miguel Gutierrez (Argentina), Sirkka Heinonen (Finland), Youngsook Park (South Korea), Mohan Tikku (India) and Vanessa Watkins (Germany).


It was also a pleasure to welcome Millennia2015 new members met at the Millennium Project and at the World Future Society Conference in Boston:

Reyhan Huseznova (Azerbaijan), Nisreen R. Lahham (Egypt), Wendy McGuinness (New Zealand), Katindi Sivi Njonjo (Kenya), Ute Hélène von Reibnitz (France).

Pierre Armand (Haiti), Peter Bishop (Houston, Texas, USA), John J. Gottsman (Palo Alto, CA, USA), Claudia Juech (New York, USA) and Ibon Zuggasti (Donastia - San Sebastian, Spain) were also interested by the process. 


During the Millennium Project Planning Committee, Theodore J. Gordon, Jerome C. Glenn and Elizabeth Florescu did present the Millennium Project 2010 State of the Future. We invite you to order it online: this “report card on the future” distills the collective intelligence of over 2,700 leading scientists, futurists, scholars, and policy advisors who work for governments, corporations, non-governmental organizations, universities, and international organizations. The 2010 State of the Future comes in two parts: a 83-page print executive summary and an attached CD containing about 7,000 pages of research behind the print edition and the Millennium Project's 14 years of cumulative research and methods.


During the Millennium Project Nodes session "Futurists views from around the world" at the World Future Society Conference, Philippe Destatte has presented "The bifurcations and alternatives: a new method used in order to build foresight strategies".




   Documents and photos


=> Marie-Anne Delahaut, Millennia2015 and The Millennium Project, a continued collaboration towards 2015;


=> Millennia2015 Foresight Exercise: Formulation of the 37 variables on the basis of the 321 source-variables;


=> Philippe Destatte, The bifurcations and alternatives: a new method used in order to build foresight strategies;


=> More pictures of the meetings: The Millennium Project Planning Committee, the World Future Society and Millennia2015 meetings.




   Millennia2015 at the World Future Society

 Millennia2015 at the World Future Society


- Standing at the back:

John J. Gottsman (Palo Alto, CA, USA), Philippe Destatte (Wallonia, Belgium), Sari Sanderlund (Finland);

- Standing from left to right:

Nisreen R. Lahham (Egypt), .., Reyhan Huseznova (Azerbaijan), Juha Kaskinen (Finland), Marie-Anne Delahaut (Wallonia, Belgium), Catherine Cosgrove (Quebec, Canada), Concepción Olavarrieta (Mexico), Peter Bishop (Houston, Texas, USA), Sirkka Heinonen (Finland), Mohan Tikku (India), Frank Catanzaro (Maui, Hawaii), Ibon Zuggasti (Donastia - San Sebastian, Spain), Jerome C. Glenn (Washington, DC, USA), Zhouying Jin (China);

- First row:

Bojana Fazarinc (San José, CA, USA), Rosa Alegria (Brazil), Karen Aiken (San José, CA, USA).



   Millennia2015 meeting during the World Future Society conference in Boston


Millennia2015 meeting in Boston, Millennium Project and World Future Society

- At the back:
Manuela Nicosia (Italy), Simone Di Zio (Italy), Vanessa Watkins (Germany), Geci Karuri-Sebina (South Africa).

- First row from left to right:

Reyhan Huseznova (Azerbaijan), Mohan Tikku (India), Zhouying Jin (China), Pierre Armand (Haiti), Elizabeth Florescu (Canada), Raquel Zabala (Argentina), Marie-Anne Delahaut (Wallonia, Belgium), Nadezhda Gaponenko (Russia), Katindi Sivi Njonjo (Kenya), Catherine Cosgrove (Quebec, Canada), Manuela Nicosia (Italy).


The meeting was an opportunity to pay homage to our dear late friend and member of Millennia2015 Steering Committee Augustina Eniayeju who participated to Millennia2015 Information Transfer conference in Liege in 2008.




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 Millennia2025 Woment and Innovation Foundation  

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