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-V01-R - Access
-V02-R - Capacities
-V03-R - Conflicts
-V04-R - New skills
-V05-R - Environment
-V06-R - Parity
-V07-R - Obscurantism
-V08-R - eHealth
-V09-R - Pro-activity
-V10-R - Diversity
-V12-R - Status
-V13-R - Development
-V14-R - Poverty
-V16-R - Education
-V18-R - Key positioning
-V19-R - Human rights
-V20-R - Democracy
-V21-R - Research
-V23-R - Equality
-V24-R - Media
-V25-R - Violence
-V26-R - Economy
-V27-R - Politics
-V30-R - Creativity
-V31-R - Discrimination
-V32-R - Stereotypes
-V35-R - Entrepreneurship
-V36-R - Responsibility
-V37-R - Innate strength
-V38-R - Mediators
-V40-R - Networks
-V41-R - Governance
-V45-R - Transmission
-V46-R - Divides
-V47-R - Migration
-V48-R - Empowerment
-V51-R - Solidarity

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The 37 variables of Millennia2015 - Resources


V40-R - The strength of networks for women



V40 - => The strength of networks for women

=> Questions V40



03/08/2012  Millennia2015 at the Millennium Project, Toronto 2012
 As every year, the Millennium Project Brussels Area Node, represented by The Destree Institute and Millennia2015, did participate in the Millennium Project Planning Committee, held in Toronto in July.

19/05/2012  Participation of Millennia2015 Wehealth to the WSIS Forum 2012
 Véronique Thouvenot, head of Millennia2015 WeHealth has participated to the WSIS Forum 2012 organized from 14 to 18 May 2012 in Geneva, Switzerland.

18/05/2012  The Report on the World Summit on the Information Society Stocktaking 2012 includes Millennia2015
 The 2012 report will reflect more than 1 000 recent WSIS-related activities, undertaken between May 2010 and the present day, each emphasizing the efforts deployed by stakeholders involved in the WSIS process.

28/01/2012  Colloque Femmes Professionnelles Africaines en Diaspora: Enjeux et perspectives pour une valeur ajoutée Nord-Sud
 L'association AWODIAG, Femmes Africaines Professionnelles en Diaspora organise un colloque sur la thématique "Femmes Professionnelles Africaines en Diaspora: Enjeux et perspectives pour une valeur ajoutée Nord-Sud" le Samedi 20 janvier 2012 à l'Assemblée Nationale à Paris de 8h30 à 17h30. A cet occasion, Marie-Anne Delahaut nterviendra sur l'importance pour les femmes de coopérer.

24/11/2011  100 ans au féminin pluriel - Intervention de Marie-Anne Delahaut
 A l'occasion de la soirée "les Namuroises du centenaire" organisé le 8 novembre 2011 par le réseau namurois "100 ans au Féminin Pluriel", Marie-Anne Delahaut a participé à l'émission Point Barres du 14 novembre 2011 de la chaîne namuroise Canal C.

24/11/2011  100 ans au féminin pluriel - Intervention de Marie-Anne Delahaut
 A l'occasion de la soirée "les Namuroises du centenaire" organisée le 8 novembre 2011 par le réseau namurois "100 ans au Féminin Pluriel", Marie-Anne Delahaut, responsable fondatrice de Millennia2015, a participé à l'émission Point Barre de la chaîne namuroise Canal C, le 14 novembre 2011

27/10/2011  Millennia2015 WeHealth at Telecom 2011, Geneva
 On Tuesday 25 October, Millennia2015 and the Women and eHealth International Working Group were presented at the eHealth pavilion at Telecom 2011, in Geneva ( by Dr Veronique Thouvenot.

18/07/2011  Confirmed partnership between Millennia2015, The Millennium Project and the World Future Society - Vancouver 2011
 As every year, The Destree Institute has participated in The Millennium Project Planning Committee (MP-PC) and in the World Future Society (WFS) international conference "Moving from Vision to Action", hosted this year in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada, 7-11 July 2011.

01/07/2011  Conférence Millennia2015-UNESCO: 21 et 22 novembre 2011, à vos agendas!
 La conférence internationale "Millennia2015, Un plan d'action pour l'autonomisation des femmes" sera organisée par la Division pour l'égalité des genres du Cabinet de la Directrice générale de l'UNESCO et l'Institut Destrée, en présence de Madame Irina Bokova, Directrice générale de l'UNESCO, les lundi 21 et mardi 22 novembre 2011, au Siège de l'UNESCO à Paris.

13/05/2011  Millennia2015 Wehealth participation to the 4th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries
 Millennia2015 WeHealth had been invited to participate to the 4th UN Conference on Least Developed Countries, in Istanbul. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) organized a side session on Broadband for MDGs on 10 May 2011 and WeHealth was part of the experts panel to discuss the various issues on accessing to broadband services and achieve the MDGs by 2015

31/12/2010  Communauté Millennia2015 Sénégal : réunion à Namur
 Une réunion de la Communauté Millennia2015 Sénégal s'est tenue à Namur le mercredi 24 novembre 2010 en présence la délégation de l'Union des Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises du Sénégal.

29/10/2010  Participation of the Goma-RDC Community of Millennia2015 to the World March of Women 2010 in Bukavu
 On the occasion of the Third International Action of the World March of Women, the Goma-RDC Community of Millennia2015 marched with other organizations. It reaffirmed its strong will and resoluteness to struggle against all forms of inequality, violences and discrimination directed at women to build a more united, more respectful and fairer world.

18/01/2010  Activation de la Communauté Millennia 2015 Goma - RDC
 La Communauté Millennia 2015 Goma – RDC se propose de créer des clubs pour rappeler aux jeunes les droits des femmes et l'importance de ces dernières dans le développement de la nation. Nous nous proposons aussi de sensibiliser les associations de femmes sur leurs droits et sur la diversité cultuterelle.

07/07/2009  Developments to Improve the Status of Women - Millennia 2015 Global Experts Study
 "Developments to Improve the Status of Women" is a Millennia 2015 Global Experts Study. Conducted using the Real Time Delphi technique provided by The Millennium Project, it was designed to collect opinions about gender-sensitive issues: those that are not yet sufficiently addressed or resolved, those that are emerging or might grow in importance in the next two decades, as well as policies, strategies, challenges and barriers to improving the status of women worldwide and in specific regions or cultures. The 74 pages study also considers the organizations that exist or should be established to address them. The horizon is 2018.

08/03/2009  8 March 2009: an international Steering Committee for Millennia 2015
 Chosing action on the International Women's Day, Millennia 2015 launches an international Steering Committee in order to build the 2011 session of the foresight research process about "Women actors of development for the global challenges".

03/09/2007  "Via Millennia" : Sharing headlines leading to "Millennia 2015"
 2007-09-03 - Namur, Wallonia - [En] Welcome ! This RSS presents information about the international events that will help to build Millennia 2015's process and knowledge database. - [Fr] Bienvenue ! Ce flux RSS présente les événements internationaux qui contribueront à construire le processus et la base de connaissance de Millennia 2015.





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