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Millennia2015 - UNESCO International Conference

Paris, UNESCO Headquarters

Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 December 2012



Millennia2015, An action plan for women's empowerment 


 Millennia2015 - UNESCO International Conference 2012

   Who we are


Millennia2015 "Women actors of development for the global challenges" is a foresight research process launched in 2007 by The Destree Institute, European research centre and NGO official partner of UNESCO (consultative status).



   What are our goals


Millennia2015 thinks and acts for gender equality, women's empowerment, respect of human's rights for women and girls, their full participation to political, economic and social decisions in cooperation with men, working together for the construction of more ethic and respectful futures, in line with the Millennium Development Goals, the UNESCO, the World Summit on the Information Society, the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and, of course, UN Women.


Millennia2015 examines futures issues that will have a strong influence on women's life in the knowledge society in every country, and their responsibilities with regards to their evolution at a global level. The research will lead to formulate scenarios, to identify the long term issues, to build the vision at the horizon 2025 and the strategy to reach it.


The process is developing with high intensity and will impact on the political agenda at all levels. The innovative strength of Millennia2015 is to work with foresight as a method and the information society as context in solidarity.

     ⇓  How we work

     ⇓  How you can participate

     ⇓  How you are concerned on the long run

     ⇓   How you can help us and how it will benefit you

     ⇓  How to contact and join Millennia2015 


=> Agenda   => Invitation letter   => Registration   => Hotels 



   How we work


The Millennia2015 community is in constant development since 2008, counting 770 contributors, 2.425 members and 8.510 contacts in 105 countries in April 2012. 100 contributors have currently sent 295 analysis (meaning more than 5.300 answers to the questions) of the 37 variables of Millennia2015. We are studying those contributions to proceed with our foresight process and build Millennia2015 Action plan for women's empowerment" to be finalized with the UNESCO in December, on the basis of Millennia2015 foresight methodology.  






   How you can participate


The international conference "Millennia2015, An action plan for women's empowerment" will take place on Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 December 2012 at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, with Foresight research methodology qualifying trainings and special meetings organized Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6.


In agreement with the UNESCO, the Millennia2015 international conference will welcome high level keynote experts and will also be based on a common brainstorming to work on the scenarios by regions and by topics in order to define the strategic axes and formulate the global Millennia2015 action plan. It will be interactive, all the registered participants will contribute to Millennia2015 Action plan for women's empowerment that will be presented at the end of our work.






   How you are concerned on the long run


Many contributors are coming from developing countries or regions in difficult situation. They have been working hard for Millennia2015 and some are in desperate situations. We are in regular contact and they place high hope in Millennia2015 as "women (and men) actors of development for the global challenges" to build Millennia2015 Action plan for women's empowerment. Millennia2015 has developed/applied the concept of Women actors in solidarity in a digital world  at the United Nations 54th Commission on the status of women in New York (UN CSW54): we must keep our promise to them for Millennia2015 to constitute a real and sustainable progress for women and men equality.


We will then work for three years to apply the action plan finalized with the UNESCO and convince the decision makers, with results presented in 2015 at the United Nations in New York during Millennia2015 third international conference. 






   How you can help us and how it will benefit you


Millennia2015 calls for sponsors and financial partners to support the organization of the conference as well as Millennia2015 process. Considering your involvement for women's empowerment, your investment in Millennia2015 is beneficial for your organization and may be included in your strategy. Your investment in the building of the Millennia2015 action plan on the short term and the implementation of the Millennia2015 strategy and vision by 2025 on the long run will confirm your strong determination to build fairer, more ethic and sustainable futures for all.


The Millennia2025 "Women and Innovation" Foundation, PUF, is active to realize the Millennia2015 action plans:

=> help us and donate for women actors of development for the global challenges in developing countries!




   How to contact and join Millennia2015


=> Team and information 


=> Join Millennia2015 and register online


Thank you and welcome!





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 Millennia2025 Woment and Innovation Foundation  

Millennia2025 Women and Innovation Foundation, Public Utility Foundation
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Institut Destrée - The Destree Institute

The Destree Institute, NGO official partner of
UNESCO (consultative status) and 
in Special consultative status with
the United Nations ECOSOC since 2012 


L'Institut Destrée, ONG partenaire officiel de
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