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-V01-A - Access
-V51-A - Solidarity

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The 37 variables of Millennia2015  -  Analysis



You, as Millennia2015 Members, have sent 295 contributions to 8 questions enquiry (meaning 2.360 answers) related to the 37 variables of Millennia2015: many thanks to the 100 contributors coming from more than 38 countries or regions.


This section is reserved for registered members only, meaning those of you who propose to work with Millennia2015 for our 2010-2015 foresight exercise.


The global information related to the 37 variables of Millennia2015 is presented in the "Resources" section of Millennia2015 Knowledge Database.



=> Definition of the 37 variables of Millennia2015 




   The 37 variables of Millennia2015  -  Analysis



V01 - => Women, access to information and to knowledge  

         => Resources V01

         => Analysis V01 (members only)


V02 - => Strengthening the capacities of women

         => Resources V02 

         => Analysis V02 (members only)


V03 - => Women in situations of conflict and of war

         => Resources V03 

         => Analysis V03 (members only)


V04 - => Women and new participative skills  

         => Resources V04 

         => Analysis V04 (members only)


V05 - => Climate, ecology and respect of the environment  

         => Resources V05 

         => Analysis V05 (members only)


V06 - => Change of attitudes towards women

         => Resources V06

         => Analysis V06 (members only)


V07 - => Women, religion and obscurantism  

         => Resources V07 

         => Analysis V07 (members only)


V08 - => Women and eHealth: connected medical knowledge benefiting all 

         => Resources V08 

         => Analysis V08 (members only)


V09 - => Women, lifelong well-being and pro-activity 

         => Resources V09 

         => Analysis V09 (members only)


V10 - => Women, cultural and linguistic diversity 

         => Resources V10 

         => Analysis V10 (members only)




V12 - => The status of women and girls, relations between women/men, girls/boys in family and in society 

         => Resources V12 

         => Analysis V12 (members only)



V13 - => Women, ethics and sustainable development

         => Resources V13 

         => Analysis V13 (members only)


V14 - => Women, poverty and struggle for daily survival  

         => Resources V14 

         => Analysis V14 (members only)



V16 - => Women and girls, lifelong education and training 

         => Resources V16 

         => Analysis V16 (members only)



V18 - => The keypositioning of women at all power and decision levels  

         => Resources V18 

         => Analysis V18 (members only)



V19 - => Women and human rights  

         => Resources V19 

         => Analysis V19 (members only)



V20 - => Women and democracy, societal priorities for the future  

         => Resources V20 

         => Analysis V20 (members only)



V21 - => Women, research, science and technology  

         => Resources V21 

         => Analysis V21 (members only)



V23 - => Women and gender equality  

         => Resources V23 

         => Analysis V23 (members only)


V24 - => Women, media, ethics and development  

         => Resources V24 

         => Analysis V24 (members only)





V25 - => Violence against women 

         => Resources V25 

         => Analysis V25 (members only)



V26 - => Women, economy and adaptation of values for a sustainable global management  

        => Resources V26 

         => Analysis V26 (members only) 



V27 - => Women, feminism, ideas debate and politics  

         => Resources V27 

         => Analysis V27 (members only)


V30 - => Towards a knowledge society: creativity and culture  

         => Resources V30 

         => Analysis V30 (members only)


V31 - => Women and discrimination  

         => Resources V31 

         => Analysis V31 (members only)



V32 - => Women and stereotypes, respect of oneself and of others  

         => Resources V32 

         => Analysis V32 (members only) 


V35 - => Women, work and entrepreneurship 

         => Resources V35

         => Analysis V35 (members only) 



V36 - => Women actors of development, creators of futures, assuming future generations' responsibility  

         => Resources V36 

         => Analysis V36 (members only)



V37 - => Women's strength and sensibility as drivers for the future  

         => Resources V37 

         => Analysis V37 (members only)


V38 - => Women as mediators and generators of peace  

         => Resources V38 

         => Analysis V38 (members only)



V40 - => The strength of networks for women

         => Resources V40 

         => Analysis V40 (members only)



V41 - => Women and good governance 

         => Questions V41         => Resources V41 

         => Analysis V41 (members only)


V45 - => The power of stories and of intergenerational transmission to inspire change  

         => Resources V45 

         => Analysis V45 (members only)


V46 - => Women, digital divides and internet governance  

         => Resources V46 

         => Analysis V46 (members only)


V47 - => Women and migration  

         => Resources V47 

         => Analysis V47 (members only) 


V48 - => Women's empowerment  

         => Resources V48 

         => Analysis V48 (members only)


V51 - => Women, creative and collaborative solidarity  

         => Resources V51 

         => Analysis V51  (members only)



=> Millennia2015 Foresight Exercise: Foresight analysis guide of the 37 variables





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